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Rackham Fatality Creates Power Struggle

Rackham Capital Investments has appointed a new CFO following the death of its former financial officer.

Business analyst Marlon Royce reported on the situation:

“Aaron Salazar was CFO at Rackham Capital Investments from its inception. After a sudden cardiac arrest at the Ivystone Spa proved terminal, the board of directors voted to install Taja Gavaris as his replacement. Little is known of Gavaris outside of her meteoric rise up the corporate ladder.”

“CEO Zachary Rackham was not present at the vote, the CEO has taken a leave of absence to cope with his grief. “The multi-billionaire businessman, also known as ‘Calico Zack’, established the company following a lucrative career as an independent trader, although rumours persist that he actually operated as a pirate.”

“Insiders have speculated that Gavaris’s appointment may be part of a scheme to oust Rackham from the top spot.”

Distant Worlds Campaign Concludes

The Distant Worlds II expedition has gathered resources for a megaship and installation to be constructed in the Galactic Centre.

Contributors delivered huge amounts of materials to the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system. Deep Space Surveys also defended miners by placing a kill order on all wanted ships.

Commander Michael Darkmoor of the Rock Rats stated:

“The newly built astrophysics station will enable us to observe high-detail changes to the gravimetric field surrounding Sagittarius A*. We hope to better understand the deeper relationships between extreme gravity and multi-dimensional space.”

The Distant Worlds II exploration fleet will continue its journey across the galaxy, towards Beagle Point.

Those who took part in the campaign can now collect their rewards from Explorer's Anchorage in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system.

Nuclear Threat Shuts Down Starport

Archambault terminal in the Chun Tstar system has been overtaken by the Children of Tothos cult, who are threatening to detonate a stolen nuclear weapon.

Senior Agent Rochelle Karim gave this statement:

“Most services at Archambault terminal have shut down as a result of the control deck’s occupation by Children of Tothos adherents. It’s evident that personnel are obeying the cultists’ orders for fear that they will use the Lucifer Device.”

“Millions of people remain at the starport, making a frontal assault too risky. FIA negotiators are taking steps to open a dialogue and resolve the situation peacefully.”

The cult’s leader, Barnabas Cole, transmitted a brief message using Archambault terminal’s communications array:

“At last, we have found the place where our testament’s light will shine. Join us. When the ceremony is complete, you will all see Tothos as we do.”

Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The search for Barnabas Cole, leader of the Children of Tothos, has resulted in further arrests. Cole’s alleged possession of the stolen Lucifer Device remains a serious concern to the Federal Intelligence Agency.

Talitha Ambrose, former heiress to the Ambrose Foundation fortune, has confessed to having a gambling addiction. She confirmed that her family’s estate had been lost during a Jokers’ Deck event, and pledged her future work to fundraising for addiction charities.

An initiative on behalf of Macrosphere has concluded successfully, with enough materials provided by the galactic community to begin manufacture of a new robot-screening device.

Finally, organisers of the Distant Worlds II expedition have requested materials for two deep-space construction projects. The exploration fleet aims to build a megaship and installation in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system.

And those are the main stories this week.

Disowned Heiress Admits Gambling Addiction

The former heiress to the Ambrose Foundation has confessed that she lost her family’s entire fortune through excessive gambling.

Lady Talitha – now ordinary Talitha Ambrose – provided this statement to Vox Galactica:

“Everything you’ve read is true. I attended a lavish event hosted by Jokers’ Deck, staked the entire Ambrose estate and lost it all. But I don’t regret a thing.”

“The gambling problem I’ve suffered with for years has finally been cured. I believe my addiction was fuelled by having far more wealth than any individual should. I now plan to use my connections to raise funds for addiction support charities.”

“I don’t blame Jokers’ Deck for my situation, since I knew the risks when I joined. And frankly, it could have been worse – I’ve seen corporations won and lost over a hand of deadlock poker.”

Hunt for Children of Tothos Continues

The Federal Intelligence Agency continues to search for the Children of Tothos, a fringe cult that has stolen a nuclear weapon.

Ethan Takahashi, crime correspondent for The Federal Times, reported:

“The FIA has rooted out additional cultists within the Zlota system. All fervently worship their charismatic leader, Barnabas Cole, but none seem to know his current location or plans.”

“The Children of Tothos believe they were chosen by a demonic being that exists ‘in the spaces between the stars’. Cole claims that only he, aided by select adherents, can summon Tothos with an enormous ceremonial sacrifice.”

“Criminal psychologists fear that Cole’s egotism permits any act that justifies his delusions, including detonation of a nuclear warhead. Since the recently stolen Lucifer Device is both portable and undetectable by security scans, practically any location might be chosen for the cult’s apocalyptic ceremony.”

Distant Worlds Mining Campaign

The organisers of the Distant Worlds II expedition have requested materials for two construction projects in the Galactic Centre.

The exploration fleet aims to build a megaship and installation in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system.

Dr Kaii, Fleet Liaison for Deep Space Surveys, explained:

“This installation will be a place for scientists to study the supermassive black hole at Sagittarius A*. Future explorers visiting the station will be well looked after by Deep Space Surveys, to whom we will hand the keys before continuing to Beagle Point.”

Bauxite, water and liquid oxygen should be delivered to Explorer's Anchorage in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system. To protect contributors, Deep Space Surveys has authorised bounty vouchers for all wanted vessels.

The initiative begins on the 7th of March 3305 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Macrosphere Initiative Ends

A components drive for a device to detect illegally reprogrammed robots has concluded successfully.

Taniyah Sharpe, CEO of technology company Macrosphere, announced:

“There was a fantastic response to our request, which the DS Leonis Industries organised on our behalf. Many thanks to those who participated.”

“Whether you own a personal admin robot or a factory of industrial machines, the Mech Scanner will confirm that they are functioning as intended.”

Pilots who took part in the initiative can now collect their rewards from Grandin Terminal in the DS Leonis system.

Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Federal Intelligence Agency has announced that a nuclear weapon known as the Lucifer Device is in the possession of a cult known as the Children of Tothos. The cult is thought to have used information coerced from a financier to locate and raid the research outpost working on the device.

It has been revealed that Lady Talitha Ambrose’s 300 billion credit fortune was lost as a result of a record high-stakes game of deadlock poker, hosted by the elusive Jokers’ Deck gambling ring. Lady Talitha has been disowned by her family.

In other news, open conflict in the Drevlyada system has ceased. The battle came to a halt following the summary executions of General Kendrick and Marshal Cooper, whose personal quarrel was responsible for the considerable loss of life among their respective forces.

Finally, tech company Macrosphere is developing a specialised scanning device to detect illicit interference with personal robots. They have called for the delivery of commodities to the DS Leonis system to aid them in their efforts.

And those are the main stories this week.

Heiress’s Fortune Lost to Gambling

It has been revealed that Lady Talitha Ambrose’s 300 billion credit fortune vanished as a result of her participation in a powerful gambling ring.

Confirmation came when Baroness Oksana Ambrose shared a report from the Wallglass Investigations Agency:

“Multiple sources verify that Lady Talitha has been a member of Jokers’ Deck for years. At the group’s most recent event, she bet the entire Ambrose Foundation during an epic game of high-stakes deadlock poker, and eventually lost. Lady Talitha was apparently devastated, fleeing the venue soon after.”

“Some attendees believe that the game was rigged by one or more other players, who aimed to exploit Lady Talitha’s well-known gambling addiction.”

“The organisers of Jokers’ Deck remain anonymous and untraceable, so retrieving the family’s assets is unlikely.”

An Ambrose Foundation spokesperson later stated that Baroness Oksana has officially revoked Lady Talitha’s title, vowing never to speak to her daughter again.