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Hunt for Children of Tothos Continues

The Federal Intelligence Agency continues to search for the Children of Tothos, a fringe cult that has stolen a nuclear weapon.

Ethan Takahashi, crime correspondent for The Federal Times, reported:

“The FIA has rooted out additional cultists within the Zlota system. All fervently worship their charismatic leader, Barnabas Cole, but none seem to know his current location or plans.”

“The Children of Tothos believe they were chosen by a demonic being that exists ‘in the spaces between the stars’. Cole claims that only he, aided by select adherents, can summon Tothos with an enormous ceremonial sacrifice.”

“Criminal psychologists fear that Cole’s egotism permits any act that justifies his delusions, including detonation of a nuclear warhead. Since the recently stolen Lucifer Device is both portable and undetectable by security scans, practically any location might be chosen for the cult’s apocalyptic ceremony.”

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