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Galactic News: Meta-Alloys Appeal Comes to an End

The Pioneers Cooperative has announced that the recent appeal for meta-alloys has received the full support of the galactic community. Having taken delivery of thousands of tonnes of meta-alloys, the organisation will now begin producing ship modules that can safely transport the Unknown Artefacts. A spokesperson for the Pioneers Cooperative released a brief statement:

"Given the relative scarcity of meta-alloys, we were concerned we might not receive enough, but the galactic community has proven itself equal to the task. Work on the new modules is scheduled to start at once."

Meanwhile, Professor Tantaga was asked about the starports experiencing UA-related malfunctions.

"In theory, the UA-resistant material could be used to return the affected starports to normality, but I don't think launching a second campaign for meta-alloys is the right approach. In my opinion, the affected starports should be given the formula for the UA-resistant material, so any meta-alloys they have can be used to protect their outposts."

Galactic News: Terraforming Campaign Comes to an End

The Revolutionary Party of Vennik announced that it has received sufficient quantities of terrain-enrichment systems to bring its terraforming project to a successful conclusion. Hundreds of pilots responded to the organisation's appeal by delivering the much-needed commodities to Nixon Enterprise. The success of the campaign will allow the organisation to embark on the final phase of its plan to terraform Vennik 1, by preparing the planet's surface for agricultural development.

Following the success of the campaign, a spokesperson for the Revolutionary Party of Vennik released a brief statement:

"For decades, the people of Vennik have harboured a dream – a dream of a life-sustaining, fertile Vennik 1. Today, that dream becomes a reality. We are hugely grateful to those who helped us achieve our dream by supporting our recent appeal. Thanks to you, the arid expanses of Vennik 1 will soon be verdant panoramas, resplendent with life."

Community Goal: The Onionhead Clash

The ongoing Federal campaign against Onionhead has taken a new turn with the appointment of an 'Onionhead tzar', who will assume overall responsibility for eliminating the drug from Federal space. Edward Bores, a seasoned government official, has assumed the role, promising to employ "targeted measures" in the fight against the illegal narcotic.

At a press event, Bores marked his appointment with the announcement of an innovative new campaign:

"We are launching an initiative called 'Hand in the Head' designed to encourage Federal citizens to surrender any Onionhead in their possession. Individuals who deliver Onionhead to our headquarters at Grandin Gateway in the Altair system will be generously rewarded. At the end of the campaign, any Onionhead we have received will be destroyed."

Meanwhile, an organisation known as the Altair Purple Mob has launched a campaign to prove that the drug is harmless, with the ultimate aim of having it reclassified as a non-toxic plant. Like the Federation, the organisation has issued an appeal for quantities of the drug, but unlike the Federation, the Altair Purple Mob intends to study the plant rather than destroy it. A spokesperson for the organisation said:

"Legalising Onionhead would decriminalise its users, provide the Federal government with a new revenue stream, and destabilise the criminal network through which the drug is currently bought and sold. It's a no-brainer."

The competing campaigns are scheduled to begin on the 31st of March 3302, and will run for one week.

Galactic News: Weekly Democracy Report

This report presents the latest data on democratic activity among the galaxy's minor factions.

Here are the latest factions to hold elections:

NLTT 18945 Progressive Party

Green Party of Wolf 10

Devane Patrons of Law

Wolf 359 Blue Travel Commodities

Cuchoen Inc

BD+27 1739 Values Party

Prthi Democrats

Urvane Empire Consulate

Anahit Patrons of Law

Narasimha Ltd

Elections occur when two minor factions with a similar political structure resolve a conflict over ownership and influence within a system.

Freelance Report: Buckyball Racing Club Announces Total Recall Event

The Buckyball Racing club has announced that it is hosting a ship and buggy race called 'Total Recall'. The event is being funded by a major manufacturer of SRV tyres in exchange for data on high-speed vehicle handling on a variety of planet surfaces.

Following observations that their tyres do not appear to leave tracks, a spokesperson for the company said: "We've been investigating this anomaly for some time. With the data provided by the BRC, we plan to start developing the next generation of high-performance 'TrakMark' tyres very soon".

The event will run out of Schneider Relay in the Epsilon Indi system from the 2nd to the 10th of April 3302.

Commander Alec Turner, Buckyball Race Organiser

Powerplay: Incoming Update

At 7.00 am tomorrow morning (GMT), the monitoring of powers' activities will go offline for a short period while the latest data is assembled. Pilots who operate for one of the powers should deliver any cargo or vouchers before this time to ensure their activities are registered.

Freelance Report: Dr Arcanonn Supporting Meta-Alloy Drive

Verity Gavroche, official correspondent for the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, has spoken to Dr Arcanonn about the meta-alloy drive from the Pioneer's Cooperative:

"On the 24th of March, the Pioneer's Cooperative – an organisation of which the Canonn is a proud member – placed an open order for meta-alloys to be delivered to Obsidian Orbital in the Maia system. The goal is to gather enough of the material to produce ship modules that are resistant to the Unknown Artefacts' self-repair mechanism, thus preventing system degradation in ships transporting UAs."

"Obviously, our considerable interest in the UAs means that the possibility of transporting them without incurring ship damage is extremely exciting. In addition to the financial incentives on offer, I'm certain that being able to freely transport UAs will be a crucial part of future scientific research. So please bring your meta-alloys to Obsidian Orbital today!"

Commander Lord Zoltan

Galactic News: Treasure Hunt Comes to an End

The treasure hunt organised by billionaire philanthropist Alfred Jeffress has come to an end, with a pilot by the name of Commander Oriza claiming victory. Thousands of people took part in the competition, but ultimately there could only be one victor.

As with Jeffress's previous treasure hunts, competitors were required to solve a series of riddles to find the mystery object at the centre of the search – a relic from Earth's past. The clues took pilots to Persephone in the Avalon system, then to Arrhenius Terminal in Bard and finally to the Algol system.

When the winner was announced, Alfred Jeffress released the following statement:

"I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the winner. One of my representatives will be in touch soon to give you the details of your prizes. As for the other competitors, I would like to offer my commiserations. But do not despair! There will be another Jeffress treasure hunt, and next time the winner could be you."

Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey Not yet at Full Health

For the past three days, Jasmina Halsey has been recuperating at Leoniceno Orbital, where she was taken after she was rescued from the wreckage of Starship One. Since then, all interview requests have been firmly rebuffed by the starport's medical personnel, who insist the former president is not yet well enough to talk to the media. But while the galaxy waits for an official interview, the Federal Times has managed to wrest a few words from her sister, Azalea Halsey, who recently visited her sibling:

"Jasmina appears to be in good health, but she did seem rather distant. She said some things I didn't understand – something about stars and...creation, I think – but given what she's been through I thought she was remarkably lucid, most of the time. I'm sure she'll be back to her old self soon."

It is hoped that the former Federal president will talk to the media in the next few days.

Freelance Report: Distant Worlds Expedition Reaches Beagle Point

Nearly three months ago, approximately 1,000 pilots set a course for Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0, informally designated 'Beagle Point,' on the far side of the Milky Way.

This week, Distant Worlds Expedition coordinators announced that some members of the fleet have reached their destination. A charismatic member of the expedition – a Commander by the name of Salomé – was among the first to arrive at Beagle Point.

A total of 23 pre-arranged waypoints have helped to organise the fleet and facilitate social interaction, including SRV races. Unfortunately, this coordination has not completely mitigated losses: of the 1,000 commanders who set out for Beagle Point, it is estimated that only 25% have survived the 81,500 light-year journey, and it's likely that the return journey will result in further losses.

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