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Far God Campaign

The Thargoid-worshipping sect that reveres an entity known as the ‘Far God’ has issued a request for Thargoid materials.

Chancellor Reegan Tanner, speaking on behalf of LHS 2541 Alliance Combine, which is supporting the campaign, released the following statement:

“To maintain their privacy and avoid further persecution, members of the Far God sect have approached us to facilitate the collection of Thargoid materials. They have made it explicit that these materials will be revered as objects of worship, and will not be used as part of any xenobiological experiments. In the interests of religious freedom, we have decided to fulfil their request.”

In support of this campaign, LHS 2541 Alliance Combine has placed an open order for various Thargoid materials, and has promised to reward pilots who deliver these goods to Wheelock Ring in the Zavijah system. The organisation has also placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list, to ensure that those delivering commodities to Wheelock Ring can do so safely.

The campaign begins on the 30th of August 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Conflict in Betel Ends

Authorities in the Betel system have confirmed that the conflict between the Silver Creative Network and Betel Free has come to an end.

Both factions received support from independent combat pilots, to whom generous rewards were promised, but ultimately there could be only one victor.

General Hollis of Betel security had this to say:

“Now this feud has been resolved, we will hopefully see a period of prolonged peace in the system.”

Pilots who participated in the conflict can now collect their rewards from Amphipolis in the Betel system.

Juanita Bishop runs for Congress

Juanita Bishop, a leading campaigner against the Far God cult, has announced that she is running for Federal Congress.

Mrs Bishop’s vocal condemnation of Thargoid worship has gained her a strong following in many Federal systems. She is now campaigning to be elected to Congress as an independent candidate.

At a rally protesting against the Far God sect, Mrs Bishop addressed the crowd:

“I may lack political experience, but I care about protecting decent families from alien-loving deviants. If you elect me to Congress, I will make sure our leaders rid us of the Thargoid spies undermining our great Federation!”

Dr Jameelah Griffin of the Galactic Interfaith Commune made this response:

“Juanita Bishop is building her powerbase on the fear and paranoia that she herself has invoked. As has happened before, an innocent religion is being used as a scapegoat for society’s ills.”

“We should be more concerned about the fact that Far God chapters are continuing to vanish without trace. If they are under threat, it is our duty to offer protection. These people are not aliens but citizens with legal rights, despite Bishop’s efforts to dehumanise them.”

Aegis Core Relocates to Sol

In May, a criminal organisation known as the Socho Gold Raiders assumed control of the Socho system, headquarters of Aegis Core.

Since then the system has descended further into chaos, culminating in the loss of services at Dantec Enterprise due to Thargoid sensor-related interference. This in turn led to the temporary immobilisation of Aegis’s Eagle Eye network, a system of orbital installations designed to determine potential Thargoid attack sites.

In the wake of this calamity, Federal President Zachary Hudson has announced that Aegis Core is to relocate from Socho to the Federal home system of Sol.

In a statement broadcast directly from the White House on Mars, Hudson said:

“Recent events in Socho have taught us that no matter the scale of the Thargoid threat, there will always be those more interested in fighting their fellow man than engaging the enemy.”

“Let me be clear: we are at war. The weakening of our defences cannot be tolerated. I have therefore agreed that Aegis Core will relocate to the Sol system, where it can be properly protected.”

“Aegis has been charged with defending humanity, and any attempt to undermine it is nothing less than an act of treason.”

New Thargoid Interceptor Encountered

Independent pilots have reported engaging a previously unseen type of Thargoid vessel.

The Pilots Federation confirmed that several of its members have encountered the ship in both the Pleiades Nebula and the core systems.

Commander Jing-sheng Mendez gave this account:

“My wingmate and I were both hyperdicted while travelling through the Pleiades. We assumed that together we could handle a single Thargoid ship, but this one really soaked up our firepower.”

“I managed to get away, but Leonie didn’t make it. I’ve already started retooling my Krait with AX weapons. I want to head back out there…and get some payback.”

Admiral Aden Tanner, Aegis’s chief military liaison, made this statement:

“We can confirm that this new ship – classified as the Hydra – is a variant of the Thargoid Interceptor. It is structurally stronger than the Cyclops, Basilisk or Medusa, and releases a larger swarm of Thargon drones.”

In response to this development, the Pilots Federation has sealed off the Cone Sector FN-J B9-0 system, which is believed to contain high concentrations of Hydra Interceptors. Despite this, it is understood that the Gnosis, flagship of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group, will attempt to complete its scheduled jump into the now permit-locked system

The Silence of Aisling Duval

The date of Princess Aisling Duval’s wedding to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester has passed without comment from either party.

Entertainment journalist Solomon Helios discussed the situation:

“Public reaction to the cancelled wedding has ranged from outrage to delight. Jasmina Halsey expressed regret at a ‘lost opportunity for long-term peace’, while Senator Zemina Torval called it ‘the mercy killing of a catastrophically bad idea’.”

“With no word from the Imperial Palace or the White House, it’s easy to imagine both Emperor Arissa and President Hudson breathing sighs of relief. But the silence from Aisling Duval and Jordan Rochester rings loudest. What might they be feeling? Was their relationship terminated against their wishes? Did it ever really exist?”

“Naturally I invited the princess to tell her story, but her previous openness is apparently a thing of the past. The Rochester family is also shying away from the media. Jarl Toredo, whose alleged affair with Aisling apparently derailed the marriage, has vanished from public sight.”

“Was this a tragic love triangle, or just a political chess game? We may never know. But what’s certain is that, before long, Aisling Duval will put these failures behind her and be back in the spotlight where she belongs.”

Unusual Energy Signatures Detected

Three recently detected energy signatures have been confirmed to be of a similar nature.

The engineer Ram Tah made a statement to the media:

“As part of my research, I regularly review data from surveillance satellites and ships that have picked up atypical signals. Although most turn out to be of no consequence, on this occasion I have identified three energy signatures that I believe warrant further investigation.”

“The signals originate from the NGC 2451A sector, the IC 2391 sector and the Synuefe EN-H region. I have no further data, and at this time the signatures’ meaning remains a mystery.”

“I encourage any independent pilots operating in these regions to investigate. I do of course apologise if this turns out to be a pointless exercise, but in the pursuit of scientific knowledge, even the smallest opportunity must be explored.”

Engineers Established in Colonia

The Colonia Council has announced that four engineers have established bases in the Colonia region, to provide services to independent pilots.

Councillor Giselle Kingspear gave a statement to the media:

“The Council believes it has a duty to support those who contribute so much to the region’s stability. That’s why we have consulted with engineers in the core systems to identify individuals who could offer similar services here in Colonia. Consequently, we now have four engineers at planetary bases in the region.”

“Mel Brandon is based in Luchtaine, and specialises in laser-based armaments, shields, engines and frame shift drives. Etienne Dorn in the Los system, once lead engineer for Kraken Shield Specialists, is an expert on sensors, scanners and high-energy weaponry, among other things. Petra Olmanova is in the Asura system, and works with ship armour, countermeasures and explosive weapons, and Marsha Hicks, in the Tir system, offers upgrades in ballistic weaponry, fuel scoops, refineries and limpets.”

“These engineers represent an important stage in Colonia’s continued growth. The Council hopes that pilots operating in the region will find them beneficial.”

Starport Status Update

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference.

The following starports are currently closed:

Crown Plant, Mudrama Kaze

Crown Terminal, LHS 355

Fort Lawrence, Exioce

Fox Base, Parja

Fraknoi Holdings, Parja

Gaultier de Varennes' Folly, HIP 13269

Grimwood Ring, HIP 94863

Hague Port, Osci

Heng Dock, Samontundji

Lichtenberg Dock, 3 Corvi

MacLeod Hub, Naunin

McAllaster Port, HR 6680

Parmitano Terminal, Nu Tauri

Porges Horizons, G 250-34

PRE Research Base, HIP 17225

Ross Orbital, Ratemere

Seddon Gateway, Montet

Tanner Ring, Sokond

Wang Platform, Parja

The following starports continue to experience technical issues:

Weber Dock, Meene

Chaviano Dock, Hapats

Thirsk Enterprise, Montet

Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:

George Lucas, Leesti

Somerset Station, I Carinae

Napier Station, HIP 94863

Redi Gateway, Korovii

Abetti Platform, Ross 1051

Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

The wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Ambassador Jordan Rochester has been cancelled. The announcement follows anti-slavery campaigner Jarl Toredo’s confession that he and Aisling Duval were romantically involved for several months.

Meanwhile, Lakon Spaceways has announced that a new ship, the Alliance Crusader, will go on general sale on Tuesday the 28th of August. The ship, which is based on the Alliance Chieftain, boasts three internal military compartments and a fighter bay.

Rival technology companies Supratech and Herculean Machines have released press statements promoting new personal-computer designs. Both companies have also confirmed they will be at the Rackham Ultratech Expo on Wednesday the 3rd of October, where they will reveal fully functional prototypes of their new devices.

In other news, the Federal Intelligence Agency has revealed that members of the Far God cult are disappearing in large numbers. While the FIA has speculated that adherents are abandoning the cult and attempting to return to normal life, there have been no reports of former Far God worshippers returning to their friends and families.

An exposé published by The Mars Tribune has revealed that Federal Congressman Morgan Unwin has close ties to a criminal organisation. Information uncovered by the Tribune proves that Unwin used his influence to traffic drugs for the Red Family cartel in order to keep his own addiction secret.

Recent reports from the Betel system indicate that an ongoing feud between the Silver Creative Network and Betel Free has escalated into violence. With system security forces stretched thin, both organisations are seizing the opportunity to settle old grudges, and have issued calls for support.

Finally, the Colonia Council has announced that its campaign to build a new hydroponics facility has been warmly received by the galactic community. Large quantities of material were delivered to Templar Barracks over the past week, allowing the initiative to move to the construction phase.

And those are the main stories this week.

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