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Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has outlined a plan for the Marlinist Colonies to be officially reconnected with the Empire.

The Marlin Standard published an exclusive report from Prime Consul Kayode Tau, after he attended a diplomatic meeting on Capitol:

“The essence of Emperor Arissa’s proposal is a pledge to grant the status of Imperial protectorate to the Marlinist Colonies, in return for swearing allegiance to the throne.”

“In practice, local government would remain autonomous but the Imperial Navy and security agencies would have a permanent presence. There would be investment in trade, with Empire-based companies as preferred partners. New channels of transportation and communication would be opened between Marlinist and Imperial systems.”

“Emperor Arissa and I discussed the issues at length. Following her experience with the Lords of Restoration, Her Majesty now accepts that most believers in Marlinism are not terrorists or revolutionaries. She has, however, insisted that the Empire must be watchful for any Neo-Marlinist resurgence.”

“When I broached the topic that some senators had suggested absorbing the Marlinist Colonies by force, the Emperor assured me there would be no military action. She spoke of her ‘need to cleanse the wounds left by the NMLA’, and I believe this is a genuine sentiment.”

The Marlinist Parliament has received full details of the proposal and is preparing a response.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Plans for a new mining initiative by Taurus Mining Ventures in the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system have been announced.

The corporation’s megaship Heart of Taurus has been conducting scientific studies on ‘unusual radioactive signatures’ within the system. The next phase of this work is to identify mineable resources to learn more about the radiation’s effects.

Dr Ruben Carpenter, head of the Taurus Mining Ventures research division, provided an update:

“The source of the radiation found in Synuefe CE-R c21-6 has not yet been unidentified. But our team has theorised that naturally occurring ores in the system may have altered properties. If we are correct, that ore may have high commercial value once processed into usable metals and minerals.”

A public statement was delivered by Commodore Morag Halloran:

“It is paramount that we maintain positive relations with the community of independent pilots. Therefore, Taurus Mining Ventures will subcontract the forthcoming operation to members of the Pilots’ Federation. The company will be pleased to offer suitable rewards for mining these irradiated materials, details of which will be specified by Dr Carpenter in the next few days.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Commanders have worked alongside Federal authorities to destroy criminal ships in the Gliese 868 system.

The pirate gang was responsible for multiple raids while Federal security services were distracted by public protests around the Hudson Contravention. To help protect shipping and eliminate the threat, bounties were placed on all criminal vessels.

Gliese 868 Services, which organised the counter-offensive against the pirates, announced:

“The combat expertise of Federal Navy auxiliaries and independent pilots has succeeded in driving back these ruthless criminals. We will be pleased to reimburse bounty vouchers at Bacon Port in Gliese 868.”

The Federal Times reported on the political repercussions from these events:

“It is not just the security agencies that are embarrassed at relying on volunteers to protect trade in Gliese 868. Members of both the Republican and Liberal Parties have spoken out, claiming that this situation was completely unacceptable.”

“This has led to fresh demands that President Hudson’s proposal to repeal the 77th amendment must be negotiated peacefully, without causing civil disturbance or placing citizens’ lives at risk. Congress is expected to make further statements soon.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Deliveries to the Reorte Mining Coalition or the Reorte Pro-Alliance League will help determine the system’s status.

The system’s controlling faction wishes to declare independence, in protest against Sirius Corporation’s proposed anti-xeno defence pact with the Alliance Defence Force.

The Reorte Mining Coalition’s CEO Fergus Cassidy announced:

“Prime Minister Mahon’s insistence on working with Sirius leads us to believe our interests are best served outside of the Alliance. To prepare for Reorte’s potential transition to an independent system, we ask for shipments of advanced medicines, skimmer components and building fabricators to be delivered to Davies High starport.”

It is expected that if Reorte Mining Coalition is successful, all systems currently under its governance would similarly be classified as independent.

Another faction in the system, the Reorte Pro-Alliance League, broadcast a statement in opposition by chief administrator Louisa Leblanc:

“Severing Reorte’s links with the Alliance over some misguided idealism would be hasty and short-sighted, given the Thargoid threat this pact is intended to prepare for. We believe that increasing supplies of advanced medicines, skimmer components and building fabricators will reassure the public of the benefits of membership.”

“The Alioth Independents faction has kindly provided a megaship, the Trobairitz, where pilots can deliver these commodities.”

Although Sirius Corporation is not officially involved with these competing initiatives, it is offering pre-engineered heat sink modules to independent pilots who make deliveries to the Trobairitz.

The megaships Musashi and Heart of Taurus have entered the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system to perform a mining-related research operation.

Taurus Mining Ventures is an independent mining corporation closely associated with Salvation. It has acted as his intermediary in recent months, directly supporting his efforts to combat the Thargoids.

Dr Ruben Carpenter, head of the company’s research division, provided a statement:

“We have recorded some unusual radioactive signatures in the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system. This has had a transformative effect on the molecular structure of certain naturally occurring substances.”

“Our objective is to perform a detailed analysis of these irradiated materials and determine if they have value as mineable resources. Customised laboratories have been set up aboard both megaships, and work is already underway.”

The Empirical, an independent journal aimed at the scientific community, commented:

“As yet, the detection of atypical radiation signatures within CE-R c21-6 has not been verified by secondary sources. Our editorial team has reached out to Taurus Mining Ventures for clarification.”

Various Imperial allies, ambassadors and nobles have been summoned to Capitol for a series of meetings with Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

Political journalist Cassia Carvalho provided details for The Imperial Herald:

“There are rumours of many behind-the-scenes changes among the upper echelons of power since Emperor Arissa returned. But this latest event was mostly in the public eye and seemed designed to reassure the citizens of her physical presence.”

“Members from all echelons of the Imperial aristocracy arrived at the palace with their entourages. Court ceremonies were held to reaffirm their fealty to Emperor Arissa, all with as much spectacle and grandeur as possible.”

“Less public were Arissa’s closed sessions with representatives from the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. Laurentin Sharpe, the Empire’s senior ambassador to the Alliance, said: ‘The purpose of these briefings is to update Her Majesty on political developments that occurred during her absence, and to receive guidance for the future.’”

“Alongside the parade of familiar faces was one very unexpected figure: Prime Consul Kayode Tau of the Marlinist Consulate. His megaship, Fairfax Vision, was afforded full diplomatic immunity when it arrived in the Achenar system. Considering the turbulent history between the Empire and the Marlinist Colonies, what might Arissa be planning?”

The megaship Trobairitz has arrived in the Reorte system to support the efforts of the Reorte Pro-Alliance League.

In recent weeks, the Reorte system has forced the expulsion of Sirius Corporation and refused to accept the strategic defence pact. Since then, there have been proposals from its controlling faction to renounce Allied membership and declare independence. But this has galvanised others to campaign for Reorte to remain in the Alliance.

Louisa Leblanc, chief administrator of the Reorte Pro-Alliance League, gave a statement to The Alliance Tribune:

“The proposed partnership with Sirius Corporation Is restricted to increasing defences against the Thargoids. We do not believe this will be disruptive enough to justify losing all the myriad benefits of membership in the Alliance.”

“The Reorte Pro-Alliance League is pleased to be supported by the Alioth Independents faction. A megaship, the Trobairitz, has been supplied to us and will serve as the centre of our campaign for Reorte to remain an Allied system.”

Sirius Corporation has officially stated that this situation is an internal matter for the Alliance. Sources within the Alioth Independents suggest that Sirius Corporation delegates has been briefed on the situation.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Federal authorities have requested help in hunting down a notorious pirate gang in the Gliese 868 system.

The call to arms was broadcast by the faction Gliese 868 Services:

“Recently, most Federal security services have been focused on dealing with political protests. This provided opportunities for criminals to cause havoc, by raiding trade convoys and committing piracy against ships throughout the region.”

“With the aid of Congressional funding, we have initiated a campaign to destroy all wanted vessels operating within our system. Independent pilots are requested to help us eliminate the threat that these criminals pose and claim the bounties placed on them.”

In a statement to the newsfeed, Secretary of State Lana Berkovich said:

“Public interest in the Hudson Contravention is intense, with feelings running high on both sides. But it is regrettable that this has tied up our security forces and given free rein to these felons. All members of Congress have agreed that, with the support of the galactic community, we must make an example of them to deter further criminality.”

Bounty vouchers can be redeemed at Bacon Port in Gliese 868. The campaign is expected to run until the 24th of March 3308.

The Reorte Mining Coalition wants to cut ties with the Alliance in protest against the military defence pact with Sirius Corporation.

Vox Galactica featured an announcement from the faction’s CEO, Fergus Cassidy:

“The pact’s three-month probationary period is clearly a ruse. It is designed to allow time for Sirius agents to bribe, convince or threaten Allied decision-makers into accepting Li Yong-Rui’s presence. We’d rather become an independent faction than allow this greedy and untrustworthy company into Reorte space.”

Councillor Ainsley Niven, who represents Reorte, told the Assembly:

“Obviously I have argued against this extreme move, but I cannot ignore the strength of feeling from the system’s governing faction. For Reorte Mining Coalition leaders, leaving the Alliance is less risky than allowing Sirius Corporation to become embedded in the system’s infrastructure.”

Vanya Driscoll, political correspondent for The Alliance Tribune, reported:

“There are already wild rumours that this situation might spark mass declarations of independence, similar to the Federation’s secession crisis last year. But there is no indication as yet that these events will play out quite so dramatically.”

“What is certain, however, is how damaging this is for Prime Minister Mahon’s campaign to promote acceptance of Sirius Corporation. A historically significant system such as Reorte withdrawing from the Alliance would likely sour the megacorp’s reputation with those it seeks to impress.”

Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has ordered the Imperial Guard to provide increased security to surviving members of the Duval dynasty.

Many Imperial Family members, including Prince Harold, were assassinated by the NMLA. Sources close to Emperor Arissa state that she is determined to preserve the remaining Duval bloodline as well as deter any future attacks.

The Imperial Guard is a legion of elite warriors under the direct control of the Emperor. Although typically seen performing ceremonial duties, they are a highly trained fighting force. It is understood that their numbers have been boosted by a focused enlistment drive from other areas of the Imperial military.

A cohort of Imperial Guard has been placed at the service of Princess Aisling Duval. She has gratefully accepted their presence and integrated them with her existing security team.

Similar squads have been posted to the households of Archduke Otto Lombardo-Duval and Lucretia Roche-Duval, both of whom are descended from the siblings of Emperor Hesketh. Legionnaires were also assigned to direct relations of Emperor Arissa, including her prominent cousins Admiral Lucius Lavigny and Countess Guinevere Lavigny.

Only Hadrian Duval declined the offer of additional protection, stating that he will rely on his Praetorian Guard. He reassured his followers that a hand-picked corps permanently surrounds his infant son Hector Duval.

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