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Aegis has published a personal statement from Seo Jin-ae, who claims to have evidence that Salvation planned to escape death in the HIP 22460 system.

“First of all, yes, Caleb Wycherley died when the Thargoids attacked the Bright Sentinel in HIP 22460. But, I believe, only physically. He was developing technology to automatically relocate his mind, an emergency protocol he named the Nemesis Failsafe.”

“I know how implausible that sounds, but the files I recovered from an Azimuth Biotech archive prove his intentions. For several years, Salvation ran a private project to reverse-engineer a Guardian artefact which could store consciousness. The design showed neural interactions as digital impulses, and made reference to exactly retaining his identity and memories.”

“Salvation had already extended his life to over 250 years, and was obsessed with staying alive until he could wipe out the Thargoids. I’m convinced that he has survived in some bodiless form, and that Azimuth has known all along.”

Aden Tanner, who works for Aegis as an independent specialist, also released a statement:

“I’ll admit that the designs Seo found seem authentic and incredibly advanced. But the files contained no concrete proof that the Nemesis Failsafe was constructed, or if it could actually work. I’m more concerned that she was being hunted by unknown parties, who would likely have succeeded if not for the Far God cult’s intervention. Perhaps it needs to be restated that actively seeking to hinder Aegis, or its valued personnel, is a crime against all three superpowers.”

In related news, the Testament megaship that rescued Seo Jin-ae from unidentified attackers has now left the Luyten’s Star system, following a week of clemency offered by Federal authorities. A spokesperson for President Hudson reiterated that the Order of the Far God remains illegal in the Federation.

Vox Galactica correspondent Jade Sanderlyn reports on the latest developments regarding the war against the Thargoids.

“In the broad sense, there have been few significant changes in Thargoid tactics. The eight Maelstroms continue to send waves of Thargoid vessels deeper into the core systems. Anti-xeno forces are certainly winning victories, and in some cases retaking previously occupied systems. But we are still losing more than we save.”

“Despite being reformed only recently, Aegis has hit the ground running. Its caustic sink launcher is now available following a successful trial by Aden Tanner. This ingenious device increases the amount of time that a ship can spend inside a Maelstrom before being impaired by corrosive damage.”

“The repulsing energy wave at the clouds’ centres, however, remains impenetrable. I understand that Aegis has prioritised gathering data about this defence mechanism, and research is underway into possible countermeasures. Until more can be learned about the true nature of the Maelstroms, the chances of destroying them are virtually zero.”

“The Alliance, Empire and Federation are all working to reinforce their military strength. But the front line of this war is primarily being waged by independent pilots and squadrons. Heroic individuals such as Commander Oghmios-TTT, Commander Night Furry and Commander FrankXJR have achieved fame for their phenomenal success at destroying Thargoid vessels.”

“Such small rays of hope in the darkness remain few and far between. Many battles are being won, but the creeping fear of inevitable defeat weighs heavily on all our souls. This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there.”

The Liberal Party has published a detailed political manifesto in advance of the Federation’s presidential election in June.

Shadow President Felicia Winters summarised her party’s plans during a campaign rally on Rhea 3:

“The freedoms and privileges of Federal citizens have been abused or ignored by the Hudson administration. Our vision for governance focuses on restoring the Federation’s core values, offering every individual the opportunities they deserve.”

“As your democratically elected president, I will take great pleasure in dismantling the Proactive Detection Bureau on day one. The mass-monitoring of private communications is a violation of civil rights that must end immediately.”

“For those concerned about security, especially the Thargoid threat, I assure you that there will be no reduction in military spending. In fact, our aim is to extend naval and humanitarian assistance to independent systems near our borders that face Thargoid aggression. By supporting systems around Federal space, we will establish a robust front line to repel Thargoid forces.”

The Federal Free Press praised the manifesto, remarking that it “displayed the balance of strength and compassion that has long been lacking from our leadership”. However, an editorial in Sol Today claimed: “Winters’s grip on political reality has been weakened by years of ineffectual hand-wringing.”

In related news, the Republican Party is currently holding a series of caucuses to select their presidential candidate. Grand Attorney Edwin Espinosa and Congressman Thandeka Qwabe have been eliminated from the running, leaving Vice President Jerome Archer and Secretary of State Lana Berkovich as the remaining nominees.

Seo Jin-ae has arrived safely in the Luyten’s Star system, aboard an Order of the Far God megaship.

A message was transmitted by the First Apostle of the True Chapters, a proactive sect of the pacifistic religion, from aboard the Testament:

“The one known to non-believers as Subject D-2 or Seo Jin-ae is sacred to us as the Preceptor – the first human to interpret the will of the Far God. We know her to be a holy emissary, on a personal pilgrimage that exposed her to great danger. I was able to convince my brethren to locate the Preceptor and offer her safe harbour from the heretics.”

“I beseeched the Preceptor to help us hear the Far God’s divine thoughts as she does, but she informed me that the time was not yet right. She requested a reunion with her friends, who also seek ways to commune with Its heralds. While this insistence on collaborating with the unworthy is curious, we have faith that the Far God guides her path. One day the Preceptor will prepare us for the extinction of all life. It is our honour to serve her.”

Professor Alba Tesreau gave a statement to the media:

“I am very grateful to the First Apostle for her help. The Testament’s timely intervention routed several unidentified hostile ships that were hunting Seo Jin-ae. Once she has completed a medical assessment, we hope to learn more about her recent findings.”

Congressman Tom Gillespie has instructed Aegis not to make formal contact with Far God cultists, whose faith is outlawed in the Federation as well as the Empire. A week’s clemency has been issued in recognition of Seo’s safe return, but the Testament’s presence deep in Federal territory is likely to irritate President Hudson.

President Zachary Hudson’s motion to allow him to serve a second term of office has been defeated by congressional vote.

The proposal would have temporarily repealed the 77th amendment of the Federal Accord, which sets a maximum presidential term of eight years. A narrow majority voted not to accept this change to the Federation’s constitution.

President Hudson addressed Congress following the announcement of the result:

“The Federation’s democratic principles are paramount, and so I accept the decision of this chamber. I only hope that the disruption caused by a shift in leadership does not weaken our ability to withstand the current challenges. It is with total conviction that I say the Republican party will achieve victory in the ongoing war and maintain security within our borders. I intend to support the next Republican candidate to the best of my ability.”

This outcome confirms that President Hudson’s administration will officially end shortly after the election, which is expected to take place in June but with no official date set. However, considering his many commercial and military connections, Hudson will remain a powerful political figure with a loyal supporter base.

Nominees for the Republican Party’s new presidential candidate have begun lobbying for support. The frontrunners are three senior members of Hudson’s cabinet: Vice President Jerome Archer, Secretary of State Lana Berkovich and Grand Attorney Edwin Espinosa. Congressman Thandeka Qwabe has also been nominated despite her relative inexperience.

The Liberal Party’s candidates, Shadow President Felicia Winters and her running mate Isolde Rochester, have launched their presidential campaign. Several independent candidates are challenging the two main political parties, but only the famous entrepreneur Zachary Rackham is being viewed as a serious threat.

An anonymous source has leaked information regarding Seo Jin-ae suggesting that she may be in serious jeopardy.

Seo Jin-ae, the individual once known as Subject D-2, voluntarily departed from a private medical facility in January, where she was under the care of former Aegis members. She left a message stating: “I have unfinished business with Salvation.”

The engineer Kit Fowler discussed the recent rumours during his End Times broadcast:

“Something is definitely going on, people. The interstellar grapevine is buzzing with gossip about Seo Jin-ae. That cortical implant in her head, which provides some weird insight into Thargoid behaviour, makes her pretty much most valuable person in the galaxy right now.”

“Some say that a black ops teams have either kidnapped or assassinated her. Maybe it’s Azimuth. Maybe it’s a dead man’s switch group belonging to Salvation. One pilot tells me he spotted an Aegis patrol in the Ngaruayanka system, and thinks it was sent to recover poor Seo’s body. And a hacktivist from the Collective has intercepted comms fragments containing the words ‘Bright Sentinel’ and ‘Nemesis protocol’. What secrets did Seo uncover? And is she still alive to share them?”

Aegis has been approached for comment, but only reiterated that they are currently investigating Seo Jin-ae’s whereabouts.

Director Nassim Qadir, head of medical research at Azimuth Biotech, provided a statement:

“Aegis’s amateurish efforts to examine Ms Seo have clearly resulted in some form of dissociative disorder and paranoid delusions. This explains her obsessive vendetta against a man whose death was independently verified. If Ms Seo can be located, she should be returned to Azimuth’s specialist laboratories for her own wellbeing.”

*Pilots Federation Alert*

An analysis of the ongoing Thargoid war has been released by Aegis and made available to all superpower and independent navies.

The focus of the report centres on protecting systems at threat of Thargoid invasion. It suggests that anti-xeno forces are primarily fighting Thargoid invasion fleets which have already arrived, understandable due to the immediate risk to civilian life. However, Aegis proposes that increasing defensive efforts for systems at threat of invasion would be a more efficient way of slowing the spread of Thargoid-controlled territory.

Commodore Emil Varga provided a statement alongside the report’s release:

“The effort required to repel an invasion fleet is far higher than dissuading that fleet from entering a system in the first place.”

“We believe that Thargoids have assumed a ‘path of least resistance’ approach to expansion. Thanks to the efforts of our skilled pilots, we have sufficient evidence to show that Thargoids will not deploy a full strength force in locations where advance Thargoid vessels encounter heavy resistance.”

“The Orthrus vessels, in particular, appear key to prepping systems for invasion. The exact mechanisms in which they do so are yet to be verified, but an Orthrus appears to provide key logistical details about an expansion target. It is clear that invading Thargoid vessels know exactly where to emerge from hyperspace to attack local ports and tactical assets. Destroying Orthrus ships may be key to safeguarding an alerted system.”

As an incentive to draw combat pilots to systems on alert, combat bonds payouts on Orthrus vessels have been increased.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Aegis and Universal Cartographics have announced that the project to survey ammonia worlds has ended satisfactorily.

Special mention goes to Commander aRadish, Commander Lone WolfPack and Commander T'Verez for their efforts.

The exploration initiative was praised by Congressman Tom Gillespie, who oversees Federal contributions to Aegis:

“An impressive number of terrestrial planets with ammonia-based atmospheres were scanned and catalogued over the last two weeks. Universal Cartographics certainly considers the project to be a great success, and I know our xenological scientists do too.”

“This is the kind of task for which independent Commanders are absolutely unmatched in dedication and expertise, and they remain our indispensable allies.”

Vice Admiral Skylar Anderson, the Imperial military liaison to Aegis, added:

“This information is of considerable strategic value. Each system containing an ammonia world will be monitored using concealed sensor buoys. This will alert Aegis to the presence of Thargoid vessels or Maelstrom manifestations. Advance warnings will provide increased time to evacuate systems or mount pre-emptive strikes.”

Pilots can receive payment for their exploration data at Angus Manwaring starport in the Eta Cassiopeiae system. The promised x3 multiplier on exploration data profits for the next two weeks has also commenced, with Universal Cartographics providing this through its starport contacts.

Preliminary motions on the forthcoming Hudson Contravention vote have begun in Federal Congress.

The proposal, named after President Zachary Hudson’s call to suspend the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord, is a point of significant contention. If approved, Hudson would be eligible to run for another term in this year’s presidential elections, breaking with centuries of constitutional law.

Supporters of the proposal, led by Hudson’s cabinet, point to the ongoing conflict with the Thargoids as a primary reason to vote in favour. With the significant escalation in Thargoid aggression and the loss of hundreds of systems, it has been argued that a change of leadership could weaken the Federation’s ability to defend itself.

Opponents have called the move a ‘dictatorial’ tactic which uses the fear of alien attack to influence public opinion. Felicia Winters, the Liberal candidate and current shadow president, recently discussed this further during an interview with the Federal Free Press:

“In these difficult times we cannot forget who we are, or what makes the Federation great. The 77th amendment was established in 2594, and has defined the presidential length of service ever since. This structure not only provides clarity to the people who use their vote to inform Federal governance, but also to each individual entrusted with the honour of the presidency. To change it now would send a message that we have lost faith in the Federation’s political mechanism.”

The official vote on the Hudson Contravention motion is expected to take place next week.

Archon Delaine has rejected Prime Minister Mahon’s warning over an alleged attempt to gain control of systems in the California Nebula.

“Wake up, Old Man Mahon!” Delaine said in a public broadcast. “The Kumo Crew migrated into the nebula with help from some mutual friends of ours… people you now consider allies. You like to portray us as criminals lusting for power and influence, but the real crooks are much closer to home. Rather than watching us, you should try looking over your shoulder.”

Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse published his observations via the Rewired network:

“Watching two of Sirius Corporation’s business partners openly fight like this must be making Li Yong Rui cringe as much as his poker face allows. What’s that? You never heard of the most powerful megacorp in history dealing with pirates? Surely not!”

“Delaine is clearly referring to 3307, when he somehow convinced Kavanagh Spaceframes to build him five Orbis stations. One of these, California Freeport in HIP 18390, planted the Kumo flag in the nebula and served as the base for the gang’s recent attempt to seize Allied assets there.”

“It was never revealed how the syndicate funded the construction of the starports. Or why Sirius Corporation subsidiaries appeared in those systems around the same time. But you don’t have to hire the Wallglass Agency to find a connection there.”

“Oh and by the way, Kavanagh Spaceframes was renamed Rackham Spaceframes following its purchase by Rackham Capital Investments last year. What’s that? The trillionaire and the pirates working together as well? Surely not!”

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