Update 16.01

Greetings Commanders,

Today sees the release of Update 16.01 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0.

The Elite Dangerous '4.0/Live' servers are now offline until approximately 13:00 BST, when they shall return with the update available to you.

To follow along deployment progress in the Forum, head here: 



  • Multiple fixes made to Mission "Infiltrate the Data Link" - Issue ID 27268
    • Fixed the mission text which was incorrectly stating progress through the mission.
    • The targeted Megaship is now correctly highlighted as a mission destination.
    • The mission title has been updated to better describe the task of the mission (it no longer says "data link data link")
    • Only one mission that targets a Megaship can now be held at a time.
  • Fix applied to prevent game crashes on startup in VR following update 16 - Issue ID 60787 
  • A fix has been applied to prevent some missions from giving out incorrect rewards - Issue ID 35910
  • A fix has been applied to address instances whereby Ax Settlement Restore Power Missions failed to complete - Issue ID 59529
  • A fix has been applied in order to address "Rubber Banding" when Captain views Gunner Lasers - Issue ID 11925.
  • Sirius system permit will now be offered by Sirius Corp after obtaining full Ally status - Issue ID 60854
  • Alioth system permit will now be offered after obtaining friendly status with the Alliance - Issue ID 60974


  • A fix has been implemented to prevent coral sap from teleporting into the air after being shot off a coral tree.
  • A fix has been implemented for a crash that could happen if an unexpected communication with the server occurred, just before engaging your ship's hyperdrive.
  • Ship shields now reform to their current recharge level when re-entering normal space from supercruise.
  • Fixed impounded ship release cost appearing in the UI as the ship transfer time.
  • Fixed duplication of nav panel distress signal after Commanders would disembark and re-board their ship.
  • A fix has been implemented for the inability to be able to increase listing price of high value items by more than 5% in Fleet Carriers.
  • Search & Rescue ships will no longer attempt to use repair limpets on damaged ships that are flying too close to the surface of a planet for them to confidently reach.
  • Thargoid ships will no longer get stuck outside Starports because they are trying to engage targets trying to seek safety on the inside.
  • Thargoid Scouts no longer fly away too quickly when dropping off new Revenants.
  • A fix has been implemented to address a situation where interdictions during multi-crew sessions could sometimes become stuck.
  • Hatch breaker limpets will now take better account of their target's velocity.
  • The ability for a collector limpet to handle obtaining items from the ground has been improved.
  • Fixed squadron rank name changes not working.
  • Larceny missions will now allow you to consistently find the requested item.
  • Fixed a rare issue where embarking your ship could disrupt the flow of a mission, potentially preventing it from being possible to then complete.
  • A fix has been implemented for the French translation of the Cobra Mk III's 'Meteor Purple paintjob', suggesting it was green.
  • A fix has been implemented for the French translation of damage types in the outfitting UI.
  • Fixes have been implemented for some grammatical issues with Russian localised text for rescue missions.
  • Fixes have been implemented for  some grammatical issues in the English localised text for rescue missions.


And with that, Commanders, here's to the safe deployment of Update 16.01 for you today!

Thank you so much for your forever valuable thoughts and feedback which help contribute to the unique experiences had in our Galaxy of Elite Dangerous.

See you in the black o7

Update 15.02 Release Notes

Greetings Commanders.

Today sees the release of Update 15.02 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0, where the team have addressed a number of issues for you, following the release of Update 15.

The Elite Dangerous '4.0/Live' servers will be offline from 08:00AM BST until approximately 11:00AM BST, when they shall return with the update available to you.

We'll keep you updated on progress across our social media channels and the Elite Dangerous Official Forum.



  • Fixed some unintended changes to ship flight characteristics in situations where rotational correction was active.
    • Enabling rotational correction should no longer have any impact on the flight characteristics of your ship outside of situations where it is actively correcting rotation (Ticket Reference: ID 44533)
  • Fix for players not being able to plot a route to settlements/ports through the POI panel UI (Ticket Reference: ID 59375)
  • Fix for pulse wave analyser not highlighting high resource asteroids in rings correctly (Ticket Reference: ID 50436)
  • Fix for insufficient number of targets arriving at settlements for Raid and Massacre Missions (Ticket Reference: ID 48424)
  • Fix for "Objective Failed" prompt repeatedly triggering when cancelling an on foot mission (Ticket Reference: ID 50524)



  • The Frontline Turrets that protect ground troops have had their repair timer increased to 10 minutes (up from 2 minutes).
    • Note: The dev team felt that the existing 2-minute timer did more harm than good by preventing interesting interplay between ground and air units at conflict zones around settlements. This change will now allow Commanders with suitably equipped ships to make a conscious choice between continuing to avoid drawing the fire of the turrets or to actively engage them in order to open up a window of opportunity for ground engagement or assaults on dropships.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could occur when opening the Livery UI.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could trigger when opening the Squadron Allegiance UI.
  • Fixes implemented to address several crashes that could be caused when coursing around Thargoid Maelstroms.
  • Fix implemented for a crash that could trigger when dropping into a Thargoid Maelstrom in multicrew.
  • Slight adjustments have been made the tactics used by various Thargoid vessels, so that they don't become ineffective at dealing with targets in locations that ship won't willingly navigate such as the crevasses along the structure of a Titan.
  • Fix implemented for Reboot Missions failing if a player logs out and loads back in.
  • Fix implemented for plasma weaponry not dealing the correct damage to Thargoid Revenants.
  • The galaxy map icon for the Maelstrom systems has been updated to that of a 'Titan' icon.
  • Fix implemented for an issue whereby Thargoids could stop spawning during multiplayer AX conflict zones.
  • Fix implemented for unexpected scrolling of the 'Fleet Carrier POI' list when accessed with a non-mouse input.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive not correctly utilising its anti-guardian effect when in conflict zones around planetary ports.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive occasionally clipping into the Titan during combat.
  • Fix implemented to address the ability to  use the camera suite to clip inside the Titan.
  • The Titan's missiles can now chase locked targets for a longer duration.
  • Fixed trespass volume positions to allow larger ships to dock without violating them.
  • Fix implemented for some VFX occasionally persisting in a multiplayer instance around the Titan.
  • The Revenant no longer occasionally clip into buildings.
  • Fix implemented for thumbnail generation issue for Petra Olmanova (fun fact, it had something to do with their eyewear).
  • Fix implemented for Revenants occasionally stacking on top of each other during spawning.
  • Softened the extreme colouration of the Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner's highlight effect.
  • Thargoids will stop appearing for the remainder of an Invasion once it has been successfully repelled.
  • Fix implemented for Defend Missions failing to start at mission location.
  • Fixed Human Scavenger NPCs occasionally appearing in Thargoid-occupied systems and even more rarely, Thargoid Revenants sometimes appearing in locations in the post-Thargoid Recovery state.
  • Fix implemented to address issues where some Thargoid vessels became stuck when attempting to enter the Titan.
  • Fix implemented for the Glaive occasionally getting stuck on asteroids in the Titan location.
  • Fix implemented for units rarely not showing up at Titan location in multiplayer instances.
  • Fix implemented for Scavenger Maverick Suit mismatch between thumbnail and suit (this is the one where they all had white helmets).
  • Fixed the Revenant's weapon audio cutting out abruptly at range.
  • Fix implemented for missing Shipkit icons in livery:
    • Cobra MKIII Cyclops Bumper and Wings.
    • Cobra MKIII Medusa Spoiler.
    • Krait MK II Basilisk and Medusa Bumper.
  • Fix implemented for Thargoid Maelstrom icon not indicating when it is behind a planet.
  • Fix implemented for buffeting effect in Thargoid Maelstrom, causing ships to jerk suddenly.
  • Fix implemented for Thargoid portals not visually blending into Maelstrom fog at a distance.
  • Fix implemented for Festive lights and Warm White Light glow being desaturated (the party is back on!).
  • Fix implemented to address an error that could generate when checking commander name entries for duplicates.
  • Fix implemented to address a disconnect when a Commander would try to reset to orbit, when they don't yet have their starter ship.


And with that, Commanders, here's to the roll-out of 15.02 for you!

Thank you so much for all of your continued, valuable thoughts and feedback which help contribute further to quality of life updates for Elite Dangerous, such as this.

See you in the black o7

Elite Dangerous - Update Notes

Greetings Commanders.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey will today receive a small Hotfix to deploy, in order to address a number of outstanding issues. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey servers will not require extended server downtime but will be offline momentarily from 16:45 BST. The hotfix will be available imminently thereafter.


  • A fix has been implemented to address landing issues for Anaconda Pilots. 
  • A fix has been implemented to address frequent stuttering encountered during gameplay, often seen when descending towards a planet surface.
  • A fix has been implemented to address missing facial hair on Commander portraits.
  • A fix has been implemented to address the Shipyard UI softlocking if "Disable GUI Effects" was set to On.
    • This fix benefits both regular and VR Commanders.
  • Commanders are now correctly able use X/Square input when using a controller when navigating on foot. 
    • This issue was caused by multiple inputs being allocated to the same control scheme, which would then incorrectly mask one another.
  • General crash and stability fixes have been implemented.


Known Issues:

The current high priority known issues are listed below but as usual, please remember that these are not the only outstanding issues sitting team side that mean a lot to us.

These are strictly reports which are causing some significant mischief at present still, which we'd just like to offer formal reassurance on as being noted. Thanks so much, as always, for your patience.

  • Unable to access ship functions from within a station (Issue tracker reference ticket
    • As per the report, Commanders have experienced being unable to access any of the ship functions when at the station services screen. Once again, as per the report, Commanders are required to leave Station Services to access ship functions and then go back again.
    • As another has noted, Commanders are unable to 'check their existing missions or inventory, or even consult the System and Galaxy maps without exiting completely from the station UI.'
  • It's been reported that ship launched fighters are failing still to attack Thargoids when giving orders to their pilot NPCs.
  • There's currently an issue whereby opening the System or Galaxy Map incorrectly issues a 'fade-to-black' transition.

Elite Dangerous - 4.0.12 Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

A new update is available today for Elite Dangerous which includes a number of fixes and improvements. Please find the full update notes below.

Features of Note

  • Added an illegal variant of the Settlement Defence mission to provide support to criminal factions being raided by Omnipol.
  • The "Pre-Engineered" Frame Shift Drives obtained through recent in-game events can now have experimental effects applied.
    • This change also includes descriptions, tooltips, and fixes to various UI flows for many other pre-engineered modules allowing Commanders to better identify which modules are pre-engineered and if they will accept any further modification.
    • The development and customer support teams would like to thank everyone who waited patiently for this fix.
  • A shipyard terminal has been added to the on-foot areas within detention centres allowing Commanders to recall their active ship rather than being forced to take a shuttle.
  • When a player's bounty is claimed whilst they're on foot, their active ship will be impounded at the detention centre they're sent to.
  • Added the ability to access a number of UI elements whilst seated, such as the comms panel.
  • You can now interact with the Bartender whilst sitting at the bar (within range).
  • The screen attached to the Owner's Chair on the Fleet Carrier is now interactable (whilst seated) and will take the owner to the Carrier Management UI.


  • Non-combative humanoid AI are now more effective at removing themselves from combat during raid missions.
  • Following the conclusion of a raid, resident humanoid AI are less likely to become hostile with any player who aided them, unless they are provoked.
  • Fixed duplication of engineers who spawn inside ship hangars caused by the player repeatedly requesting and cancelling docking.
  • Prevented hostility between friendly ships when in the presence of a significant common enemy.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause ship-launched fighters to be assigned two AI pilots.
  • Fixed a clothing arrangement that was causing clipping on certain NPCs in space stations.
  • NPCs in Fleet Carriers will no longer have conversations as if they were in starports.


  • Fixed missing UI sound when selling stock in the Fleet Carrier Management screen.
  • Fixed missing elements of the SRV turret's Audio when firing
  • Fixed the SRV's turret gun shots sounding muffled when ammo count was below 270.
  • Fixed Capital Ship and SRV Turret Weapon Fire audio playing on the wrong Audio Emitter Position
  • Fixed all ship weapon hardpoints sounding muffled when in normal space.
  • Fixed various instances of missing audio for damaged stations (fires, explosions and alarms).
  • Fixed missing fire and alarm sounds when logging in to a ship docked at a damaged station.
  • Fixed damaged station fire sounds turning on and off quickly and harshly
  • Fixed Cuttable panels sound rapidly retriggering when it hits the ground
  • Rebalanced NPC conversation frequency in concourses.
  • Fixed various issues with music when transitioning between Ship/SRV/On-foot.
  • Fixed missing attack swing sounds when performing melee hits with tools.
  • Improved audio behaviour of deploy and stow sounds for the Fleet Carrier Captains tablet.
  • Fixed the Fleet Carrier purchase movie's volume not following the game's volume sliders.
  • Fixed some abrupt audio transitions on fumaroles and geysers.
  • Rebalanced the audio mix for Skimmers whilst on foot and in SRV
  • Fixed ambiences being too loud when logging in to a ship docked at an engineer base.
  • Fixed missing In space Dogfight Combat music
  • Fixed Stopped various UI sounds which would continue looping after exiting the screen that triggered them.


  • Fixed player torsos sometimes disappearing when looking down on uneven surfaces.
  • Hand motions of the ship's pilot should correctly match flight maneuvers when observed via multicrew following a hyperspace jump.
  • Fixed several clipping issues on the Vintage outfits.
  • Fixed hair appearing alongside hats on the Frontline Solutions vendors.
  • Fixed torso clipping with the camera when using an extremely high FOV and sitting on the bar stool.


  • Ship kits should now correctly block the vanity camera.
  • Fixed a Scarlet Krait error when destroying your own ship from a fighter.
  • Fixed a rare Scarlet Krait error when deploying an SRV.
  • The ambient temperature of the ship's location is now taken into consideration when a ship is running cold enough to have previously built up ice on the canopy.


  • Fixed an issue where setting ambient occlusion to "low" would cause artefacts
  • Fixed an issue where volumetric effects such as fog could have silhouette artefacts depending on quality or resolution scales
  • Fixed an issue where Trespass zones appeared very dark/black on the radar
  • Fixed an issue where flickering of invalid pixel values occasionally being generated in ring fog
  • Fixed an issue where a triangular pattern would be present in planet normals on certain GPUs
  • Fixed an issue where night vision would be applied to thumbnail generation
  • Fixed an issue where a black box could appear on the main menu in certain scenarios when either in or switching to VR
  • Fixed an issue where the introduction during the on-foot tutorial would not be correctly displayed when in VR


  • Fixed an issue to ensure the organics heatmap properly initialises to the selected filter when the scan completes instead of defaulting to all
  • Fixed incorrect genus names for brain tree organics displaying when selling data
  • Guardian site pylons will now emerge when approached on foot and the charging timers are visible while on foot.
  • Thargoid surface sites will now open automatically for exits, entry still requires an SRV carrying the correct cargo.


  • Anarchy factions now offer full market value for stolen commodities.

Performance & Optimisation

  • Reduced the amount of work required by avatars that are not visible.
  • Shadowed lights will now render more efficiently.
  • Miscellaneous optimisations to the rendering of all light types.
  • Rebalance the use of cached particle lighting, reducing the performance impact of particle-heavy scenes.
  • Optimised player proximity checks for terminals in settlements.
  • Optimisations to on foot animation blending.
  • Improvements to the occlusion system.


  • Fixed some NPCs getting stuck when dropping in during a Defence Mission.
  • Fixed a broken inbox message sent during megaship missions.

Fleet Carriers

  • Fixed server errors when using Fleet Carrier services that have individual tariffs set.
  • Fix a Yellow Adder error when confirming the transfer of items to or from a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed Fleet Carrier jumps being possible to schedule during cooldown.


  • Fix for anti-xeno conflict zone progression sometimes getting stuck due to authority transfers.
  • Fix for issues connecting to telepresence multicrew sessions when near certain planets.
  • Fixed an "Unable to load commander data" login error for players with an excessively large bounty.
  • Fix a bug preventing players from joining some newly created private groups.


  • Fixed several settlement clipping issues.
  • The cargo loader found at settlements now has a schematic.
  • Added Exobiology ship decals.
  • Added some optimisations for holoscreen materials.
  • Fixed a number of occlusion issues on doorframes.
  • Corrected the model used for a basic door frame.
  • Fixed a decal which was incorrectly mirrored.
  • Fixed the Fleet Carrier Command Tower's hitcheck to remedy some issues with the vanity camera.
  • Fixed an issue in the Pioneer Supplies Fleet Carrier store where the player could become snagged.
  • Various geometry and texture issues resolved in hangars.
  • Added some missing decals to the L1 Lod of the Asp Scout.
  • Adjusted the nameplate on the Diamondback Scout slightly so it is not partially obscured
  • Fixed an area in the Fleet Carrier bar where it was possible to get the vanity camera out of bounds.
  • Fixed some z-fighting on the Fleet Carrier's shutter doors.
  • Fixed the shield being slightly offset on the Guardian Fighters.
  • Adjusted the fade range of some Thargoid decals used in settlements to improve visuals.
  • Fixed some z-fighting on the floor of a depot building.
  • Fixed a number of floating decals on a legacy building.
  • Remodelled the steps at the side of the Owner's chair on the Fleet Carrier.
  • Various fixes to the Viper MKIV.
  • Fixed some edge clipping seen at barnacle sites.
  • Fixed a barnacle spike which was pushed underground
  • Hitcheck fixes for the Gateway tower arch seen at some Horizons settlements.
  • Fixed vanity camera sometimes being able to pass through the window on planet port concourses.
  • Fixed a railing model which had an offset LOD.
  • Fixed a glass material used on a prop in the habitat building.
  • Fixed a problem where the player could become stuck in the Fleet Carrier corridor leading to the bar.
  • Fixed a number of floating items appearing at Guardian sites.
  • Improved the arm for the Fleet Carrier Owner's chair screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the Python cockpit and some external geometry which was clipping through to the interior.
  • Fixed some z-fighting on the main console seen on the Fleet Carrier bridge.
  • Centred some UI locators in the Type9 cockpit which were offset slightly.
  • Adjusted the hitcheck for the Python to fix an issue with the vanity camera being able to see inside of the hull in places.
  • Fixed the hitcheck material for the Electricae organics so that the player ship cannot clip though.
  • Re-made the ambient occlusion maps for the Type-9 to remove some baked-in shadows that should not have been there.
  • Fixed a number of UV mapping issues on the Anaconda.
  • Adjusted and re-organised the materials used for Thargoid damage decals to optimise and improve quality slightly.
  • Fixed the Scorpion SRV vanity cameras being inverted for the rear seat.
  • Added a layer of hitcheck to the social area lifts to prevent the vanity camera from entering and getting out of bounds.
  • Adjusted bar stools so that NPCs and players are now more centred when seated.
  • Minor change to Stygian paint jobs to reduce the texture compression artefacts when using a torchlight under the ship.
  • Added hitcheck to the Anaconda upper hardpoint doors, fighter bays doors, and the heat vent doors.
  • Fixed hitcheck on Anaconda which was causing an issue with the vanity camera.
  • Fixed an offset detail dome model used on Fleet Carrier externals.
  • Fixed error in the ambient occlusion map for a ship kit piece on the Python.
  • Re-exported a number of wallset pieces to fix and improve occlusion culling in Odyssey settlements.
  • Fixed the Fleet Carriers seen under construction having a hole where the concourse would normally be.
  • Fixed an issue on the upper hard point doors on the Python.
  • Fixed an obscure piece of geometry which was clipping through part of the hangar lobby in some "large" hangars.
  • Adjusted the Exploration decals to be more metallic and more closely match their appearance in Horizons.
  • Fixed a number of mapping issues on an Anaconda Raider ship kit piece.
  • Added new occlusion geometry around all stations (Coriolis, Orbis, Ocellus and Asteroid).
  • Adjusted internal occlusion geometry for a number of internal station components.
  • Fixed seating locators for NPCs/Players on chairs and sofas for better alignment.
  • Fixed the offset default VR camera for the Scorpion when in the livery hangar.
  • Fixed damage decals appearing in unexpected locations on cargo loaders.
  • Fixed head orientation in backwards walking animations to stop a head glitch when 3rd person characters stop running.


  • Fixed weapons being ordered incorrectly at Pioneer Supplies.
  • Fixed a server error appearing when selling some modified suits.
  • Weapon reload speed is now correctly reported as a multiplier, not seconds (e.g. 1x vs 1.25x) as reload speed mods were incorrectly implying they increased reload time.
  • We no longer show settlement info when disembarking at places that are not owned or controlled by a faction.
  • Adjusted the right-hand panel of the options menu to allow for scrolling, so cut-off descriptions can be viewed in their entirety.
  • Improved readability of text on the Carrier Management dashboard's banner.
  • Made sure HUD rings weapon overheats always reset to the correct text colour.
  • Updated squadrons applicant list, the button will remain enabled even with no applicants, with a message displaying 'no applicants' to prevent the UI from getting into a weird state.
  • Multiple icon changes in the various mission panels so that the correct icon size variants are used, preventing them from looking blurry or low-resolution.
  • Fixed the boarding panel/express lift UI displaying placeholder information briefly when opened.
  • The right-hand cockpit panel will now be correctly focused when opening the transfer UI.
  • Made sure all station contact menus are closed properly when necessary, prevents an issue where they would still be visible when closing the game.
  • Remove the quick-plot route delay on carriers, it should now plot correctly on the first time.
  • We now show all galaxy map search results rather than filtering out duplicates, this prevents edge cases where some results could have the same name and we'd erroneously hide one.
  • Mission help popups now correctly listen to the 'back' keybinding.
  • Fixed an issue where text formatting tags would sometimes be displayed in the info panel.
  • Added voice/wing icons to the on-foot HUD in the bottom left, and also made them visible in social spaces.
  • Separation of overdraw bar in outfitting for retracted and deployed into their own bars.
  • Fixed a variety of truncation issues in multiple UIs.
  • Fixed errant multicrew/team markers showing up while not in multicrew turret view.
  • Fixed various issues with the private group menu including an issue which may have caused your own private group to show as not created if you are a member of many groups.
  • Fixed role switch panel improperly updating AI rank when taking over from a multicrew pilot.
  • Frontline enlistment system map mode now shows player criminality status on conflict zones.
  • Fixed an issue to hide rotation button prompts in carrier interior livery screen as these bindings cannot be used.
  • Fixed an issue to ensure the vessel pane of the internal panel updates properly between ship, SRV, and fighter when transitioning between vessels.
  • Players in training simulations will now appear as such in friends lists.
  • Fix promotion inbox animations for Elite I-V displaying as one rank lower.
  • Fix some crime stats not always updating.
  • Telepresence guests will no longer send or receive chat messages based on their physical location.


  • Fix for, and rebalance of previously missing Capital Ship heat relay particle effects.
  • Rebalanced plasma accelerator to more closely match Horizons.
  • Fix for over-bright lightning in stellar phenomenon that could cause visual artefacts on some GPUs.
  • Reduced the proximity of camera shake in the Fleet Carrier elevator, as occasionally players could experience the VFX and audio just by being very close to an elevator.
  • Fix for reactor lighting casting bright spotlights across the room.
  • Rebalanced the tendril effect on the Guardian Fighter.

General Fixes

  • Some modified guardian weapons were applying synthesised ammo damage bonuses improperly. Synthesised ammo will now apply a damage bonus as expected 
  • Shadows would appear to detach from light sources when looking around in VR 
  • Passenger missions offered at outposts now set their expectations of passenger capacity based on ships that could have landed on medium pads.
  • Secondary objective ships in space Conflict Zones now count towards massacre missions 
  • Fixed some massacre missions not registering valid targets correctly at mission locations 
  • NPC visual variety has been fixed
  • System maps for systems you are not in will now have distances reported correctly from the primary star
  • Guardian fighters will now correctly rearm on docking 
  • On-foot commander panel should now display notoriety correctly 
  • Fixed an issue where some suit decals would not be visible when viewed in the vanity camera 
  • SRV Tutorial ability to break tutorial flow fixed 
  • Further increased the scale of the small landing pad schematic used at Odyssey settlements
  • On foot conflict zone enlistment (Frontline dropships) is now properly wiped when returning to a station 
  • Fix for Fleet Carrier weekly upkeep message not displaying 
  • Fixed players sometimes receive system chat messages after they have left the system 
  • Fix for glasses/sunglasses only appearing at close distances 
  • Fix a Black Adder error on the first hyperspace jump after travelling onboard a fleet carrier 
  • Fix for game stuttering when flying away from settlements 
  • Ship kits will no longer block weapon fire 
  • Fixed a gridding artefact on some surfaces near planetary settlements on certain GPUs 
  • Fixed server errors when using Fleet Carrier services that have individual tariffs set

Horizons Update

  • Fixed facilities not showing up in system map for stations 
  • Fixed Capital Ship Weapon Fire audio playing on the wrong Audio Emitter Position
  • Anarchy factions now offer full market value for stolen commodities
  • Fix a bug preventing players from joining newly created private groups
  • Allow pre-engineered modules to have granular modification restrictions applied (e.g. allowing certain CG modules to have experimentals applied)
  • Fix server errors when using fleet carrier services that have individual tariffs set
  • Fixed a disconnect that could occur while deploying a ship launched fighter
  • Fixed a decal which was incorrectly mirrored
  • Re-made the ambient occlusion maps for the Type9 to removed some baked in shadows that should not have been there
  • Fixed SRV bay contents not showing correctly in advanced SRV trainign scenario, blocking progression

Known Issues

  • Cannot use Tap X/Square (XB/PS) input on controller when onfoot. You will need to rebind. This will be addressed in a future update. 

Thank you for your continued support and reports for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. If you encounter any issues following the update please be sure to report them on our Issue Tracker as soon as possible. 


Elite Dangerous - Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

A patch is due to go live this afternoon at 14:00 UTC to implement the changes listed below. Downtime is expected to last around 30 minutes. These changes follow feedback and issue reports after the release of Update 11:

Fleet Carrier Bartenders

  • The Fleet Carrier Bartender material capacity has been increased to 1000, from 100.
  • Fixed a disconnection caused at the Fleet Carrier bartender when two players try to buy, sell or transfer the same items simultaneously.


  • Fixed a crash that triggered when jumping in a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed a crash that triggered when players were escorted to their chair for a Fleet Carrier jump.


  • Fixed Commanders being able to stand up before the jump completion notification.
  • Fixed Fleet Carrier owners being added to a new instance when updating livery options.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the default Drake Layout for the Fleet Carrier being re-selected.

Protect Missions

  • Fixed AI sometimes not prioritising disabling the Cargo Loader shield during Protect missions.
  • Fixed the Cargo Loader state sometimes not updating when hacked by AI during Protect Missions.


  • Fixed players floating and losing access to menus when exiting seated position.
  • Fixed an issue causing crew avatars to be duplicated when Carrier facilities are installed in quick succession.
  • Fixed truncated mission text in some languages
  • Fixed Engineers not progressing when requirements are met.


Elite Dangerous - 4.0.11 Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

Update 11 has arrived! Since Elite Dangerous’ inception, Commanders yearned to stand and walk on planets throughout the Milky Way which Odyssey has delivered. Now it’s time to sit down once again, put those feet up, and enjoy one of the most glorious views in the game from the inside: a Fleet Carrier jump.  

This release also brings a range of fixes and features including the brand new Protect mission type. If you’re up for the challenge, these missions will demand more of Commanders than previous types. Read all about them and everything else in Update 11 below:

Fleet Carriers

  • Interiors have been added to Fleet Carriers to enjoy on-foot. These include:
    • Main Areas
      • A main concourse and hangar lobby.
      • A Command Deck with an additional area for the owner and their Wing.
      • A seating area for safe Fleet Carrier jumps.
    • Optional Areas & Services
      • Bar
      • Vista Genomics service desk
      • Pioneer Supplies store
      • Shipyard access point (included with the Shipyard service)
  • On-foot access to the shipyard is now available (added automatically if the Shipyard service is enabled).
  • Service tariffs can now be set individually, allowing control of each service’s costs (Universal Cartographics and Vista Genomics do not use the tariff system).
  • The Fleet Carrier Livery has been moved into the same environment as Outfitting.
  • The Fleet Carrier Livery now includes a number of concourse themes.
  • A small amount of random delay was added for landing pads retracting during jump prep for aesthetics.
  • The Fleet Carrier section of the Pilot’s Handbook now describes new features and how to use the new bartender functionality.  
  • A lack of notifications for Fleet Carrier jumps until 10 seconds beforehand was fixed.


  • It is now possible to sit in all chairs and barstools found on all concourses (albeit one at a time).


  • New “Protect” missions ask Commanders to defend against criminals attacking delivery routes. These missions pose a new challenge in both combat difficulty (teammates recommended) and time-response required. To account for these, factions will offer higher sums than usual.  
  • Fixed an issue where missions could be repeatedly abandoned to produce a strong negative influence on the faction offering.  
  • Fixed an issue with shared missions not displaying correctly when in a failed state.  
  • Changed the settlement mission givers’ compass icon to match the concourse mission giver icon to distinguish between new missions givers and existing mission targets.  
  • Fixed a legal Collection mission asking you to collect an illicit item. Naughty.  
  • Fixed some incorrect text in a Sabotage mission.


  • Added the new cargo loader used in the new Protect missions to various settlements.  
  • Fixed a control point being inaccessible at a specific settlement type during Conflict Zones.  
  • Fixed corpses clipping through the floor.  
  • Added and adjusted ammo crate positions to improve distribution.  
  • Floating consumable boxes were brought back down to Earth (or relevant body). 


  • The on-foot friendly-fire system has been extended to include turrets, skimmers, and ships.
  • Attacking an enemy dropship can no longer cause a friendly settlement to become hostile.


  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer whereby throwing a grenade consumed multiple grenades (that didn’t seem fair).
  • Slightly reduced how much power the Scorpion’s Surge Repeated consumes allowing for longer runs of sustained fire at full accuracy.

Codex: Pilot’s Handbook

  • The Fleet Carrier guide was updated to include the new concourse services and functions.
  • Missing images when accessing some articles via the Insight Hub were replaced.

Codex: Knowledge Base

  • The following articles have been added:
    • Aegis
    • The Consortium
    • Generation Ships
    • Pilot’s Federation
    • Several entries under “Corporations”
    • Ishmael Palin’s entry was updated.
    • The Guardians section saw a terminology correction. 


  • Fixed some broken UI sounds in outfitting weapon and suit cosmetics.  
  • Fixed broken main menu button sounds under Controls and Extras.
  • Fixed broken UI sounds in the player character creation screen.
  • Fixed mix issues on the Scorpion SRV deploy and stow sounds.
  • Fixed various Fleet Carrier management screen audibility and mix issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the Apex radio comms voice, heard when taxi drivers request landing clearance, gets stuck.
  • Fixed the fridge sounds behind the bar areas sometimes being loud.
  • Fixed mix issues on the turbo lifts in social spaces.  
  • Fixed inaudible UI sounds in the on-foot Shipyard menus
  • Fixed the continuous tinkling Supercruise flyby sound when on another player's ship.
  • Fixed a transition on the Galaxy Map music.
  • Fixed issues when disembarking on foot from either SRV type.
  • Fixed the sound of flying through the rings in the ship tutorial.
  • Fixed the rotating loading screen animation on some menus being silent.
  • Fixed the cinematic when purchasing a Fleet Carrier being silent.
  • Fixed the “back” action in Carrier Livery to no longer be silent.


  • The Cargo Loader and cargo canisters were added for Protect missions.
  • Small settlement landing pads schematics were enlarged to aid navigation and landing.  
  • LOD issues on various doors and screens were fixed.
  • The offset Livery camera for the Python was fixed.
  • Non-tinted colours of beverage materials were fixed.
  • A hitcheck issue on the Krait Mk II Raider ship kit, preventing some weapons from firing was fixed.  
  • Hitcheck issues on the Fer-de-Lance underside were fixed.
  • A missing hitcheck on the underside of the dome seen in Agricultural settlements was added.  
  • Multiple hitcheck issues on legacy planet settlement objects were fixed.  
  • Ship landing gear was adjusted to render more pleasingly.  
  • The door glass shader in Agricultural settlements was adjusted to tint glass correctly.  
  • Electricae scatter assets now have been subtly colour-adjusted, using LUT data from the planet surface to recolour them.
  • The warning light in the Beluga cockpit now emits from an apparent source.  
  • A material issue on a laboratory workbench was fixed.  
  • Z-lighting on decals at a Thargoid Imprint was fixed.  
  • Adjusted high tech doors to slide open without intersecting.  
  • Fixed floating rocks at a Thargoid ship crash site.  
  • Improved the alignment of thrusters on the nose of the Cobra Mk IV
  • Fixed the glow on collectables at Guardian sites when approached in an SRV.  
  • Fixed an occlusion issue seen from the hangar lobby of some Industrial stations.  
  • The glow of activated Guardian pylons was made more visible.  
  • Fixed the incorrect appearance of some AI feet and torsos.


  • Fixed suits and visors rendering in-front of particle VFX.
  • Fixed misaligned text on Fleet Carrier nameplates and decals.
  • Fixed scatter rock appearing black on planet surfaces from a distance.  
  • Fixed the cockpit view rendering over the Galaxy Map.  
  • Checkerboard rendering is now automatically applied to low, medium, and high quality graphics settings. This option will reduce the cost of the planet terrain shader when in close proximity to a landable planet.


  • Truncation issues on the Ship panel of the right-hand internal panel were fixed.
  • Text colouring on the ship boarding panel was fixed.
  • The layout of the search results in the Galaxy Map when missions exist in bookmarked systems was fixed.
  • Text resizing to the item/emote wheel so letter wrap correctly was added.
  • Focusing behaviour for the staff list on terminals was fixed.
  • Filters at the Pioneer Supplies vendor when buying/selling a weapon on suit were fixed, preventing new items which don’t match the filters being shown.
  • An issue on the multicrew report popup that would cause multiple crew members to be selected at once was fixed.
  • Rank animations were adjusted to display the correct ranks.
  • An icon was added to the radar to display powered-down recharge stations.

Performance and Optimisation

  • Unnecessary operations were reduced in the humanoid HUD markers system.
  • Fixed cases of shadows flickering from directional lights.
  • All visual effects at settlements will now adjust to graphics settings.  
  • Selecting graphic pre-sets now correctly applies super resolution values with FSR.  
  • Other rendering optimisations:
  • Reduced the workload for maintaining avatars while they are not visible.
  • Ensured planet-related systems do not perform unnecessary work when in space.  
  • Miscellaneous optimisations to lighting and colour grading.  
  • Fixed some incorrect text in a Theft mission.  
  • Fixed an issue where a faction would sometimes target themselves for a Hacking mission.  
  • Fixed an issue where some missions expire but not correctly fail.  
  • Fixed Salvage missions failing to have the relevant item for the mission.  
  • Fixed the spawning of mission givers for the hand-in of missions taken from a settlement. 

Server & Stability

  • Fixed Stygian paint jobs appearing as the wrong colour on the Cobra Mk IV.
  • Fixed a Black Adder server error when deploying a second fighter from the ship.  
  • Fixed some black markets not being activated during Civil Unrest.  
  • Fixed a crash while embarking/disembarking at settlements.
  • Fixed a crash when dying during the tutorial.  
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while jumping to hyperspace/Supercruise while trespassing.

Issue Tracker Fixes

  • Fixed issues with ships not inheriting the spin of stations when undocking with Flight Assist off and Auto-Launch on, resulting in rapid spinning and collisions.  
  • Fixed issues with not being able to collect resources from Crystalline Structures.  
  • The brightness and flickering when mining icy asteroids was reduced. 


  • Fleet Carrier tariffs (as described in the Odyssey Fleet Carrier section) were made backwards compatible.  
  • Some stability fixes were added.
  • An incorrect string when selecting the Multi-Limpet Controller in Outfitting was fixed.  
  • Hairstyles displaying incorrectly in Holo-Me were fixed.  
  • Crew voices changing upon re-launch of the game or switching modes was fixed.  
  • Fleet Carrier nameplates and decals appearing off-centre was fixed.  
  • A lack of notifications for Fleet Carrier jumps until 10 seconds beforehand was fixed.  

That’s a wrap for Update 11! We hope you enjoy all of the above and get to experience a Fleet Carrier jump from your owner’s chair or the viewing deck in the near future.


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