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Aegis’s prototype Thargoid pulse neutralisers have succeeded in allowing transit through the energy surge at the centre of a Maelstrom.

Professor Alba Tesreau made the official statement:

“Several remote-controlled probes outfitted with Thargoid pulse neutralisers were launched into the Taranis Maelstrom. The colossal electromagnetic pulse generated within the clouds should have repulsed them, but feedback confirms the probes were insulated from its effects.”

“The method used to protect the probes was discovered through research on unclassified relics recovered from Thargoid surface sites. These alien artefacts were vital to the devices’ development. Initial research conducted by Ram Tah and Professor Palin proved that when receiving a modulated electrical charge, the unclassified relics emitted an energy field on similar frequencies to the Maelstrom’s pulse.”

“Unfortunately, broadcasts from the probes were lost shortly afterwards. It hasn’t been possible to verify what happened to them at this stage. We will repeat this experiment with other Maelstroms, but we believe that only skilled human pilots will be able to uncover what awaits within.”

Aden Tanner, who is supporting Aegis as a freelance tactical specialist, provided a supplemental report:

“My team has been conducting secondary tests with the new module installed on a manned vessel. I can confirm that when in combat against Thargoid interceptors, it protects against ship system disruption in a similar way to the existing shutdown field neutraliser. But its weight and power draw are both greater, meaning that the new module is best suited to Maelstrom exploration.”

Aegis has confirmed that it is working on establishing a production schedule for the Thargoid pulse neutraliser and intends to provide an update in the next few days.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Empire and the Federation have resolved the conflict in Pichch after the accidental loss of anti-xeno supply ships.

Freelance correspondent Karleen Troy reported on events for Vox Galactica:

“Pichch is a key location to redirect front-line resources to systems facing invasion around Maelstrom Leigong. In recent days, these vital deliveries have been severely delayed by the internecine conflict. But disaster struck when an entire convoy carrying anti-xeno weaponry was destroyed by Imperial-aligned ships, which mistakenly identified them as local Federal resupply vessels.”

“Once news of the incident spread, leaders of Gauluujja Exchange and the Gliese 44 Citizens' Forum stated that they had received orders to broker an immediate ceasefire. The conflict was heading towards a Gliese 44 Citizens' Forum victory, so the sudden peace is likely a relief to Gauluujja Exchange.”

Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval made a personal declaration regarding the situation:

“We permit Imperial-aligned factions a degree of autonomy, on the understanding that they do not jeopardise the Empire’s strategic goals. Undermining human resistance against the Thargoid invasion cannot be tolerated. I therefore command the Gliese 44 Citizens’ Forum to negotiate a ceasefire with their Federal neighbours at once.”

A similar statement was delivered by President Zachary Hudson:

“This tragic situation could and should have been avoided. Pichch is a Federal system, and we have a responsibility to sustain the flow of anti-xeno resources throughout that region. We cannot allow small-scale quarrels to derail our efforts. I have informed Gauluujja Exchange that they must arrange a peaceful resolution to their current conflict.”

Both the Federal and Imperial factions have agreed to honour their commitments to those who supported their operations, with rewards available at Tiptree Port.

The suspected ‘Imperial assassin’ who shot Caine-Massey CEO Johann Fleischer has been cleared of any connection to the Empire.

Executive Agent Viola Trask of the Federal Intelligence Agency gave a statement to the media:

“Our investigation has verified that the man we have in custody is a professional mercenary named Kieran Rayne , a native of the Alpha Caeli system. For over a decade, he has operated as a freelance contract killer using multiple false identities. The motive for the killing is not yet clear.”

“Despite early indications, there is no evidence that Rayne was hired by Torval Mining Ltd to eliminate Mr Fleischer. The mission was arranged anonymously via an unregistered comms network that we are unable to access. The Imperial-issue weapon and security equipment that he used were provided to him specifically for this task. This seems to be a deliberate choice to foster the impression that the assassination was ordered by elements within the Empire.”

“It has not gone unnoticed that the evidence implicating an Imperial Intelligence agent was ‘too good to be true’. I’d like to stress that the FIA was fully aware of this possibility. It is unfortunate that Caine-Massey executives deployed their security forces in Tavgi before our investigation was complete.”

Congress has accepted the report and stated that no further action will be taken. It is expected that once the FIA’s questioning is complete, Rayne will face a life sentence in a maximum-security prison.

Philippa Barlow-Lyons, the new CEO of Caine-Massey, addressed this development during an address to the corporation’s employees:

“I know that nobody can ever replace Johann, who meant so much to us all. In his memory, I aim to run things exactly as he would have wanted. We have no choice but to accept the results of the investigation and formally withdraw our accusation against Zemina Torval and her family. I concede that grief may have gotten the better of me in recent days. But in my heart, I know that one day the truth will be laid bare, and the guilty will face Federal justice.”

Prototypes have been created of a new module designed to counteract the massive energy surge encountered by ships within Thargoid Maelstroms.

Professor Alba Tesreau made a public statement:

“Intense research into the Maelstroms by Allied, Federal and Imperial specialists has yielded practical results. We have designed a device to briefly insulate a ship against the overpowering effects of a Maelstrom’s energy wave. Typically, the wave physically repels all human ships and disrupts onboard electrical systems.”

“Combined with our caustic sink launcher, the Thargoid pulse neutraliser will enable access to the innermost regions of the alien clouds. My hope is that this breakthrough will reveal knowledge about the Thargoid invasion fleets that we desperately need.”

Further details were provided by Ivano Colombera, the Empire’s scientific liaison to Aegis:

“The Thargoid pulse neutraliser expands upon the shutdown field neutraliser originally designed by Elvira Martuuk in 3303. Using upgraded components, Aegis technicians have amplified its effectiveness when triggered at the correct time.”

“Our primary objective was breaking through the electromagnetic pulse generated within a Maelstrom cloud when human ships are approximately 50 kilometres from its centre. Data provided by intrepid pilots who survived this experience has enabled us to calibrate a shield to its specific waveform, which should allow a ship to withstand its impact.”

Aegis has confirmed that initial test flights for the Thargoid pulse neutraliser will be unmanned. Prototypes have been fitted to specially constructed probes that will be remotely launched into a Maelstrom, while technicians monitor the real-time telemetry.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Factions aligned to the Empire and Federation have declared war in Pichch, which lies in the path of Thargoid expansion.

Relations between the two superpowers have been strained in recent weeks, following the corporate skirmish in Tavgi. This has exacerbated hostilities between two long-standing rivals in the Pichch system, causing diplomatic negotiations to collapse.

The ruling council of Gauluujja Exchange claimed: “Imperial saboteurs have been undermining our operations for years, and a military solution is now the only option.” A similar statement was made by the Gliese 44 Citizens’ Forum’s leadership: “The typical Federal response to their problems is to blame the Empire, so we are forced to resolve this on the battlefield.”

The situation has also impacted the ongoing war against the Thargoids, as outlined in a report by freelance correspondent Karleen Troy:

“With Maelstrom Leigong’s fleet expansion only a few systems away, Pichch is currently a key distribution point for anti-xeno weaponry and supplies in the region. There is widespread concern that this conflict could disrupt the flow of resources to the front line, hindering defences in multiple systems.”

Both Gauluujja Exchange and the Gliese 44 Citizens' Forum have requested help from naval auxiliaries, who can register their support for either faction at Tiptree Port.

Allied and independent leaders have called upon the Empire and the Federation to discourage faction hostilities following conflict in Tavgi.

Political journalist Conrad Sterling summarised the latest developments for Vox Galactica:

“Minor skirmishes between superpower-aligned factions are not uncommon. But the Caine-Massey and Torval Mining Ltd corporations have significant political ties, so their clash has led to bullish rhetoric from members of both Congress and the Senate.”

“Many systems where Federal and Imperial populations coexist are experiencing civil tension and spates of public disturbance. There is a sense that the historic rivalry between two militaristic superpowers is being rekindled, and that similar sparks elsewhere may fan the flames at the worst possible time.”

In the Alliance Assembly, Councillor Nakato Kaine highlighted the potential repercussions:

“Military distractions between the Empire and Federation would place more responsibility on the Alliance for protecting independent systems from Thargoid invasion. As well as a potentially horrific loss of life, that would be a significant drain on already stretched resources. The hawks in each administration should be directing their aggressive tendencies toward the Thargoids, not each other.”

In response, Prime Minister Mahon agreed to send envoys from the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations to both the Empire and the Federation. Dozens of independent systems have supported the Alliance’s formal request to ‘lower the temperature’ and find a peaceful solution.

A scientific delegation from Aegis has visited Utopia to compare its Sim-Archive with Salvation’s Nemesis Failsafe designs.

A summary from Dr Maximo Fonseca was shared with newsfeeds:

“Simguru Antal agreed to meet with us as a sign of good faith, and to refute claims of collaboration with Salvation. He personally introduced us to the neurosmiths of Utopia, who can digitally encode electrochemical activity within the brain. I took part in a demonstration, uploading some of my own long-term memories into the Sim-Archive. Afterwards, my colleague Dr Cooper enjoyed a remarkably accurate simulation of my university graduation thirty years ago, who claimed she found it hard to believe the memory was not her own.”

“Analysis of the Nemesis Failsafe designs that we provided was swift, but the differences were stark. From what we understood of the summary by Utopian researchers, the Nemesis process irreversibly transforms a person’s entire neuronal network into esoteric energy particles. But there was no suggestion how the particle stream might be directed or stored.”

Further scrutiny by Aegis specialists confirmed that the Nemesis Failsafe relies heavily on Guardian technology, much of which remains a mystery. Early indications suggest that Allied, Federal and Imperial leaders agree that Salvation was unlikely to have sought assistance from the Utopia commune.

Simguru Pranav Antal released a rare public statement:

“The Sim-Archive is designed to preserve human thought, not to extract it from living minds. One day, experiencing other people’s stored memories will be as common as searching for information on a database. Utopia’s role is to unite us all by bringing down the barriers between our individual universes.”

“Salvation’s design very much relates to the preservation of one’s self, rather than the storage of information for future generations. Whatever knowledge of Guardian technology he may have possessed is likely lost to us now.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Fierce combat in the Tavgi system has resulted in Caine-Massey’s partner Tavgi Blue Life Inc overcoming Torval Mining Ltd resistance.

The conflict was triggered by the murder of Caine-Massey’s former CEO Johann Fleischer. The assassin was tracked from Mars to the Torval Mining megaship Orchestral Falcon. Circumstantial evidence suggested he was an undercover Imperial agent.

Philippa Barlow-Lyons, acting CEO of the Caine-Massey corporation, declared:

“Largely thanks to tremendous support from Federal auxiliaries, the path was cleared for us to take control of the Orchestral Falcon megaship. Only then did Torval Mining Ltd agree to hand over Johann’s killer, rather than risk the loss of its precious vessel. A security team has now delivered him to Federal authorities, where I am sure we will see justice finally served.”

The Federal Intelligence Agency provided an update to the media from Executive Agent Viola Trask:

“The man in our custody has been formally arrested and charged with the homicide of Johann Fleischer. All known IDs associated with him are false. Along with the skills he displayed, this suggests that he is a professional assassin. We are working with the Proactive Detection Bureau and the Federal Navy Intelligence Office to broaden the scope of this investigation.”

Independent pilots who fought on behalf of Tavgi Blue Life Inc during the conflict can collect their rewards from Gordon Enterprise. Despite its defeat, Torval Mining Ltd has also agreed to reimburse its supporters from the Orchestral Falcon.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Fierce combat in the Tavgi system has resulted in Torval Mining Ltd overcoming Caine-Massey’s partner Tavgi Blue Life Inc.

The conflict was triggered by the murder of Caine-Massey’s former CEO Johann Fleischer. The assassin was tracked from Mars to the Torval Mining megaship Orchestral Falcon. Circumstantial evidence suggested he was an undercover Imperial agent.

Senator Zemina Torval, whose family owns the company, declared:

“Loyal defenders of the Empire have helped to bring hostilities to an end and can now collect their rewards from the Orchestral Falcon. This accusation from Caine-Massey is baseless – I am not in the habit of assassinating my business rivals. Our security teams have detained the interloper from Federal space who was using false ID as an Imperial mining prospector, and handed him over to the authorities.”

Shortly after, a statement was released by Colonel Saskia Landau, the head of Imperial Intelligence:

“My colleague Captain Titus Torval brought this issue to my attention, once he was implicated in the matter. The man who allegedly shot Mr Fleischer has been transferred to our secure facilities for questioning. We anticipate that his true identity and motivations will soon be revealed.”

The board of directors at Tavgi Blue Life Inc announced that their business partnership with Caine-Massey will be terminated, citing “displeasure at the loss of life incurred by this incident”. However, the faction will honour its pledge to reimburse independent pilots who supported Caine-Massey’s operation, with rewards available at Gordon Enterprise.

Similarities between the Nemesis Failsafe and Utopia’s Sim-Archive have led to questions being asked about a possible connection.

Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse reported on Seo Jin-ae’s recent discoveries:

“We all knew that Salvation had a messiah complex, so it’s no surprise that he planned to keep his colossal ego alive after his ancient body died. We also know that Pranav Antal has been digitising his followers’ brains for years.”

“My question is: did Salvation modify Antal’s system for his own private use, rather than reverse-engineer Guardian technology? Or maybe Azimuth and Utopia were secretly working together all this time, and the Sim-Archive has always been Guardian-based? It would explain how Utopia is able to maintain funding for its little tech-bohemian commune.”

This theory was critiqued by The Federal Times’s technology correspondent Harlow Nassry:

“It is a fact that most of Utopia’s scientific development remains opaque. But the few inventions that have been examined – such as the nanomedicines acquired by Vitadyne Labs – contain no molecular markers of Guardian origin. The Sim-Archive’s memory-recording techniques are based on exoneurological research conducted over hundreds of years.”

Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Alliance’s scientific liaison to Aegis, gave a statement to the media:

“Since successful applications in this field are so rare, we cannot ignore the potential relation between the Nemesis Failsafe designs and the Sim-Archive. I have made contact with Simguru Pranav Antal and explained the situation. He kindly invited me and my staff to visit Utopia and discuss the matter. Our findings will determine whether a formal investigation into Salvation’s current status is warranted.”

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