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*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A campaign to attract deep space mining pilots has been launched by the Federal corporation Kokoller Limited.

With the Federation diverting considerable resources toward sustaining its anti-xeno countermeasures, some systems are looking to alternative options for sustaining stocks of raw materials. Kokoller Limited is seeking to take advantage of a strong position in its home system, by running a campaign to procure additional resources for the local economy.

Spokesperson Paul Dyson had the following to say:

“I believe that continued support of the Federal Navy’s efforts to protect us is an obligation of all stellar factions. It would be in poor taste to complain or seek sympathy for the impact on our business operations while our brave military personnel risk their lives to keep us safe.”

“That said, while the galactic economy continues to function, it falls on us to maintain high incomes to fund the war via taxes and charitable contributions. One could say that maximising profits is our moral duty. Therefore, raw materials are requested to keep our refineries churning out resources.”

Kokoller Limited has invited all asteroid miners to bring shipments of bertrandite, coltan and praseodymium to Utley Hub in the Kokoller system.

Vice President Jerome Archer, Shadow President Felicia Winters, and entrepreneur Zachary Rackham have exchanged political views in a live debate.

The Republican, Liberal and independent candidates came together for an event that was broadcast across all Federal media networks. The event provided a platform to outline each candidate’s manifestos for voters, and engage in discourse on key issues.

The debate began smoothly, but did not continue in that vein as the three strong personalities clashed just a few questions in. Shortly after the broadcast, ICE channels began circulating a particularly popular segment in response to a question about Federal policy on public safety:

Archer: “Vigilance will be our watchword, and I aim to continue President Hudson’s excellent record on security.”

Rackham: “Oh, is that a fact? Lost any megaships recently, Jerome?”

Archer: “It’s hardly appropriate for me to comment on an ongoing FIA investigation. Although I realise that ‘appropriate’ may not be part of Mr Rackham’s vocabulary.”

Winters: “Perhaps it is appropriate, Mr Vice President, when the Dedicant situation is a direct result of your party’s repressive policies on religious expression.”

Rackham: “Woah there, ma’am! Is it any less repressive than all the tax hikes your fanciful friends will bring in?”

Winters: “Our marginal increases in taxation, mostly aimed at interstellar corporations, will result in significant reinvestment – ”

Rackham: “Listen, hear me out. What our people need – what they deserve – is to pay zero civil taxes. That’s right, no tax at all! What’s more, I’ll make sure the government co-funds every single business enterprise, large or small.”

Winters: “And after the economy collapses, how will you achieve that? By selling off the treasure you stole during your pirate days?”

Rackham: “Now that’s cold even for you, Ms Winters! Firing off ICE rumours is not a good look on an elected official.”

Despite impressive viewing figures, many political commentators considered it to be ‘unnecessarily personal’ and ‘portraying the Federation in a poor light’. A second debate is being scheduled, which promises to address these criticisms through close moderation.

The Order of the Far God has reached out to Seo Jin-ae, offering information on the possible fate of the Dedicant.

The megaship was due to transport members of the True Chapters sect from the Popontia system to the Alliance-governed Mullag system, but made a hyperspace jump ahead of schedule and disappeared. The Federal Intelligence Agency has interrogated cult members still waiting in Federal prison cells, but reportedly obtained no useful information.

Days later, Aegis was directly contacted by chapters of the Order within independent space. They volunteered to discuss the Dedicant but only with Seo Jin-ae, whom they refer to as ‘the Preceptor’ for her ability to interpret to the Thargoid hive mind.

After meeting Far God representatives at a secure location, Seo Jin-ae made a public statement:

“The meeting wasn’t as productive as the FIA hoped. I asked the cultists for information, but they wouldn’t stop jabbering about their religion. They wanted me to share ‘divine commandments’ from the Titans, and kept asking when the Far God would arrive to cleanse the galaxy. I’ll always be grateful to these people for rescuing me a few months ago, but it’s hard work convincing them I’m not a prophet.”

“During the brief period I got them talking about the Dedicant, they admitted knowing nothing about a True Chapters scheme to retake the megaship. And they certainly have no clue where it is now. The meeting was mostly a waste of time.”

“One thing was possibly useful, though. Apparently, the interiors of Far God megaships are remodelled to make them ‘deliberately confusing for heretics’. Corridors like insect tunnels, rooms turned into hive cells – that sort of thing. When I told them the FIA had already examined the ship’s layout while it was in custody, one cultist argued they hadn’t found the ‘secret doors’. They explained how Theta Seven failed to get the hyperdrive working after he gained control of the Sacrosanct, and claimed the crew of that ship rigged the thing with traps. Maybe that’s how the FIA agents lost control of the Dedicant.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Aegis and Azimuth Biotech have concluded rival campaigns to deliver tissue samples harvested from the Thargoid Titans.

Titan tissue samples were obtained from the surfaces of the Thargoid capital ships using research limpets and brought back to human space by daring pilots.

Dr Maximo Fonseca, the Allied scientific liaison to Aegis, delivered a congratulatory message:

“It takes a special kind of pilot to travel through the Maelstroms and fly across the surfaces of these enormous motherships, but it seems such courage is not in short supply. The samples we received will undergo scientific testing by Allied, Federal and Imperial specialists. We are confident that they will shed light on the Titans’ capabilities and the technologies used in their construction.”

A parallel campaign by Azimuth Biotech also received deliveries of Titan-based materials, but the number of shipments were notably fewer than those provided to Aegis. Observers have labelled this outcome as encouraging for Aegis’s reputation, with the tri-superpower initiative failing to attract contributors away from private corporate interests in the past.

Pilots who contributed on behalf of Aegis can collect their rewards from Wiberg Station in the Kioskurber system. Supporters of Azimuth Biotech can do likewise from Stebler City in the Djeriman system.

The Dedicant has disappeared from Popontia, just a few hours after thousands of Far God cultists boarded the megaship with a Federal escort.

The cultists were due for transfer aboard the vessel from Federal to Allied space, where amnesty has been offered by Prime Minister Mahon. In exchange for their release, the True Chapters sect agreed to unlock access to its secretive databanks and sacred texts prior to departure. The Dedicant instead initiated a hyperspace jump ahead of schedule, failing to arrive in the Mullag system as planned.

The Federal Navy and the Allied Defence Force both deployed search parties along the route between systems. Their initial reports stated that no signals were detected, and have found no evidence that the Dedicant was intercepted or destroyed. The megaship’s current location and status remain unknown.

Executive Agent Jalen Locke of the Federal Intelligence Agency issued a press statement:

“We have completely lost contact with the FIA security teams controlling the Dedicant. This is of grave concern, considering there are thousands of Thargoid-worshipping criminals aboard. We are operating under the assumption that the cultists somehow overpowered our people and absconded with the megaship.”

Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading expert on the Order of the Far God, also spoke to the media:

“The True Chapters are undoubtedly more proactive than the Far God orthodoxy, but their nature remains essentially fatalistic. This makes it hard to imagine them taking on armed FIA agents in combat. It seems more likely that a third party was involved, although we cannot discount the possibility that the Dedicant’s original owners found a way to divert its course through hyperspace.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Requests for tissue samples obtained from the Thargoid Titans have been made by Aegis and Azimuth Biotech.

Leon Banerjee, science correspondent for Vox Galactica, reported on the rival initiatives:

“The Titans offer a tremendous opportunity for xenological research, but carry equally significant risks. These involve passing through the Maelstroms’ caustic clouds and energy barriers, avoiding Thargoid patrols, and escaping with tissue samples intact. Only the most determined pilots would undertake such missions, and the two leading anti-xeno organisations seek to attract these individuals with considerable payouts.”

“There are numerous unique materials identified so far. In this campaign, both Aegis and Azimuth Biotech are looking to acquire a large stock of tissue samples. These are recovered using research limpets at various points on the Titan’s architecture, acquired from minor flaws in the Titan’s highly protective outer layers.”

“Ships outfitted with a pulse wave xeno scanner and research limpet controller – or a suitable multi-limpet controller - can collect these materials. Aegis has developed its caustic sink launcher and Thargoid pulse neutraliser to pass through the Maelstrom, and will look to use further xenological resources in additional advancements. Azimuth Biotech, meanwhile, has vowed to use samples to develop ‘cutting-edge military countermeasures to Thargoid aggression’.”

Pilots signed up to the Aegis initiative can deliver any Titan tissue samples to Wiberg Station in the Kioskurber system. Meanwhile, Azimuth supporters can deliver samples to Stebler City in the Djeriman system.

The Federation has agreed to the expulsion of all adherents of the Order of the Far God to the Alliance.

President Zachary Hudson issued a statement alongside the government decision:

“Any ideology that worships the Thargoids is destructive and treasonous, especially now we are at war with that species. I believe that rather than waste taxpayers’ money keeping these deluded individuals incarcerated, the Federation is better off without them.”

“This morning I accepted Prime Minister Mahon’s proposal. All former citizens known to have pledged themselves to this toxic religion will be transported beyond our borders and into the care of the Alliance.”

Security services have prioritised the True Chapters cultists currently imprisoned in the Popontia system, labelling them as high-risk compared to orthodox Far God followers. They will be escorted to Alliance space aboard the Dedicant, having agreed to provide full access to the megaship’s databanks and the Order’s sacred texts for Federal assessment. The Dedicant will then collect cultists held in other Federal penal facilities, ferrying them to Allied systems.

Political correspondent Sofia Trevino wrote an opinion piece for The Federal Times:

“Could there be an ulterior motive to this unexpected decision by the President? Perhaps Hudson is mindful of his legacy, with his term of office approaching its end. By tempering his ‘strong man’ reputation with a degree of leniency, he can better portray himself as a firm but fair leader in the Federation’s history books.”

Studying the Thargoid Titans has become a priority for Azimuth Biotech, which is keen to learn more about the alien motherships.

Director Xavier Rousseau , head of the corporation’s bioscience division, was interviewed by the tech industry ICE channel On/Off Switch:

“The Thargoid Titans present us with a range of exciting unknowns. What technologies were involved in their construction? We do not know. What exactly is a Titan’s hull comprised of? We cannot tell. How do the glowing openings on its superstructure work? We are not certain. Do they perform the same function as our docking bays? We can only speculate.”

“How can we find these answers? By analysing whatever fragments and residues can be obtained directly from the Titans themselves. What military breakthroughs will result? What scientific marvels could be unlocked? What commercial opportunities might arise? We at Azimuth Biotech will discover all this and more.”

An editorial in the scientific journal The Empirical commented:

“Aegis is leading the way on researching the Thargoid capital ships, as is to be expected. But even a cross-superpower agency does not have a monopoly on xenology. Azimuth, the organisation that once eclipsed Aegis entirely, remains determined to avoid falling under its rival’s shadow. Many other corporate and academic entities are also devoting resources to analysing the Titans. We are witnessing a kind of scientific gold rush, a race to mine nuggets of knowledge from these mysterious ships – one that carries a significant risk to the pilots wielding the tools.”

The Alliance Assembly has submitted an appeal for clemency to Federal Congress for followers of the Order of the Far God.

The Thargoid-worshipping faith was outlawed by the Federation in October 3308, after a failed initiative in the Popontia system to outfit a megaship named the Dedicant. Every member of the ‘True Chapters’ sect on board was arrested and stripped of citizenship, with FIA agents rounding up known collaborators in subsequent days. This was in accordance with the Federal constitution which forbids supporting enemies of the state, which the Thargoids are legally classified as.

As part of the request, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon stated:

“The Alliance upholds the principles of religious tolerance, and our systems are free to develop their own laws regarding faith. This means we have always welcomed the Order of the Far God, regardless of its controversial nature. While many disagree with the Order’s message, their members are typically pacifists who have never sought to inflict harm on others.”

“Therefore, we propose that the Federation deports all Far God worshippers to Alliance space rather than imprison them. This could be quickly negotiated as a limited extension of existing extradition treaties.”

“As a security measure, adherents of the True Chapters and other Far God sects would be routinely checked for evidence of illegal activity. But they would otherwise be free to settle on Allied worlds and establish new communities.”

Political journalist Vanya Driscoll reported for The Alliance Tribune:

“In the midst of the Thargoid war, some will view this offer as bordering on traitorous. But Mahon is grasping a high-profile opportunity to distinguish the libertarian Alliance from an increasingly authoritarian Federation. If this gesture helps convince independent systems to seek Allied membership, the political gain could far outweigh the potential risk.”

Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has responded to criticism from Hadrian Duval regarding her decision to contribute to Aegis.

During a public address at the opening of a naval research and development complex on Achenar, the Emperor stated:

“For the avoidance of doubt, my decree to halt interaction with the Alliance and the Federation remains in effect. Whatever advancements in weaponry or defence are made at these impressive facilities, they will be used exclusively by the Imperial Navy to protect Imperial citizens.”

“Aegis’s status as an independent agency makes it a legal exception under the Cornelius-Lasky Convention. Only a small fraction of the Empire’s military expenditure is being devoted to Aegis’s anti-xeno forces.”

“As for Hadrian Duval, some may recall when his Nova Imperium extremists once threatened to trigger widescale civil unrest. I chose to spare him from the fate of his co-conspirators, something Princess Aisling argued for with the same passion as she showed for the Aegis project. Unless Hadrian wishes to test my ‘weak spirit’ further, I strongly advise him to keep such thoughts private in future.”

The altercation between Duvals triggered some debate in the Senate, with Senator Petra Torval arguing that the Emperor clearly viewed Hadrian Duval as an ‘enemy of the Empire’. The matter was settled by a statement from Chancellor Anders Blaine:

“The Treaty of Paresa binds all former members of Nova Imperium as subjects of the throne. Her Majesty has delivered a reminder that Hadrian Duval is not officially a prince of the royal family, but is nevertheless considered a loyal ally for as long as it pleases the Emperor.”

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