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*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The continued project to provide enhanced AX weaponry for all ships has announced its latest progress update.

All enhanced AX weapons designed by the engineers Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo have now been completed. It is hoped that with these weapons improvements, humanity will be better positioned to defend itself against Thargoid invasion fleets.

The following weapons are now available for purchase:

Enhanced AX Multi-cannon (Gimballed)

Enhanced AX Missile Rack (Fixed)

These modules are offered at all rescue megaships, which can be found using the Galaxy Map filter. Ships looking to engage Thargoid forces are advised to equip these weapons, particularly in Maelstrom systems where Guardian-based technology has proven ineffective.

Professor Alba Tesreau has again called for the anti-xeno initiative Aegis to be reformed by the superpowers.

“The arrival of the Maelstroms has escalated the Second Thargoid War beyond anything we have experienced before. The Thargoids are relentlessly attacking every human settlement within reach. And that reach is steadily expanding on eight fronts, spreading deeper into the core systems.”

“In these dire circumstances, the decision to shut down Aegis seems to be a grave mistake. Now, more than ever, superpower-level resources are needed to establish large-scale research and defence projects. This is the surely the time for Aegis to be revived with as much funding and resources as possible.”

“My symposium in October proved that there is an increasing appetite for collaboration. Many Allied and Federal military leaders have already discussed working together. Shadow President Winters recently suggested helping those beyond Federal borders, and Deputy Prime Minister Corcoran has championed the prospect of coalition in the Alliance.”

“Sadly, the Empire’s current isolationist policy means that Aegis would necessitate a return as a dual-superpower initiative. But even that would be an improvement on the fractured, uncoordinated response to the Thargoid conquests.”

There has been no official response to Professor Tesreau from the Alliance or Federation, but several individual congressmen and council members have repeated their support for the reformation of Aegis.

In the Empire, only the Citizens’ Chronicle newsfeed reported on Tesreau’s ongoing campaign, commenting: “Even among the Imperial nobility, few dare to question the Emperor’s decree. But those few are growing bolder.”

Shadow President Felicia Winters has called for the Federal Navy to help defend independent systems being invaded by the Thargoids.

She outlined her viewpoint during an interview with the Federal Free Press:

“The Thargoid fleets emerging from the Maelstroms have inflicted anguish and loss on millions. Our military forces have responded magnificently, and continue to fight hard against appalling odds. But while they are saving lives in Federal-aligned systems, independent systems are left to suffer.”

“Surely this cannot be right? These are our neighbours, our trading partners, our historic cousins. Their populations cry out for help, and the mighty Federal Navy chooses to ignore them, claiming orders to prioritise saving our own. Is that who we are now? No better than the Empire?”

“I have argued in Congress that we have a duty of responsibility to protect any independent systems lacking the ability to defend themselves from Thargoid attacks. The Federal Navy’s resources are finite, I understand that. But we are fighting to determine the future of the human race. We lack proof that the Thargoids have any concept of our politics, borders or allegiances. Why would they care which systems claim allegiance to whom? Every one of us is a target.”

“And for those whose hearts are hardened to the suffering of others, think on this: the threat is moving closer each day. Leaving non-Federal factions to fend for themselves – and most likely become conquered – will only hasten the Thargoids’ advance. Before long, nowhere within the Federation will be safe. We will all pay the price for such callousness.”

On the Empire’s homeworld Capitol, fears over imminent Thargoid invasion sparked a public gathering outside the Imperial Palace.

Cassia Carvalho, political journalist for The Imperial Herald, reported from the scene:

“The arrival of the Thargoid Maelstroms has triggered protests on many Allied, Federal and independent worlds. The Empire is rarely troubled by such disruption, so the spontaneous march by tens of thousands of citizens through Capitol’s streets caught the media and security services by surprise.”

“Chancellor Anders Blaine addressed the crowd, his image projected above us all. He spoke of the Imperial Navy’s swift response to the Thargoid threat, making assurances that our systems were protected and we were all safe.”

“But this wasn’t enough to quell the increasingly strident demands that more should be done. I saw anger, frustration and fear etched into those shouting faces. The newsfeed images of burning and broken starports, of Thargoid vessels laying waste to ordinary people’s homes, were all too clear in everyone’s minds.”

“I genuinely wasn’t sure which way this impromptu demonstration would go. Might the crowd’s strong emotions even transmute into violence? And then a new voice rang out across the square: the unmistakable tones of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval herself, standing tall as she slowly descended the palace steps toward us.”

“‘Remember this: we are Imperials,’ she told her people, her commanding voice amplified for all to hear. The crowd parted in silence as she neared, allowing her to stride amongst us. ‘We possess the strongest civilisation, the grandest achievements, and the most courageous hearts. We shall meet anything that dares to threaten us, human or alien, and we will defeat it. Our Empire will endure!”

“By the end of her address, which lasted some ten minutes, emotions had indeed been transmuted – into exultant, cheering jubilation. Our Emperor had stood with us in person, reminded us all of our heritage and our duty. The Thargoids will undoubtedly come. But in that moment we were determined to face them together.”

Thargoid vessels are interdicting human ships travelling through systems that have been occupied by their fleets.

The Thargoids’ ability to force craft to drop out of hyperspace is well documented. Over the past couple of weeks, pilots have reported that the interdiction ability used by human ships in supercruise is also being utilised by the alien forces.

Colonel Bris Dekker, an engineer who specialises in frame shift drive technology, submitted his analysis to The Federal Times:

“Being intercepted by the Thargoids mid-way through an interstellar journey is certainly a disturbing experience, but not necessarily a fatal one. Many ships have survived such encounters, unless they happen to be carrying Guardian or Thargoid artefacts. By contrast, these more recent incidents are uniformly acts of aggression, with ships being wrenched out of supercruise and immediately fired upon.”

“We don’t know precisely how the Thargoids achieve this, though some theories are gathering support. But the intention is clear: to make the hunting of humans vessels easier. Anti-xeno pilots should note that they can no longer escape the Thargoid blasting though their shields by simply entering supercruise.”

“Possibly, this is more of a shift in tactics than a new technological development. All reported interdictions have taken place in recently invaded systems close to the Maelstroms, rather than in the aliens’ more well-known haunts. Whatever the reason, the invading Thargoid force has adapted to more efficiently catch its prey.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A further 13 systems have fallen under Thargoid control as the last of the Maelstroms materialise.

The three rogue signal sources – designated Thor, Raijin and Hadad – entered human-occupied space yesterday. As with the previous five anomalies, they manifested as colossal clouds of corrosive gas over 100 kilometres in diameter.

Pilots who attempt to investigate the Maelstroms have been warned that the highly caustic nature of the clouds can disable and destroy ships. Xenologists have speculated that the cloud is a defensive asset, maintained by the huge numbers of caustic generators clustered within.

All eight Maelstroms are now established at their destinations, positioned in a broad semi-circle along the fringe of the core systems. Each of these entities has become the centre of an expanding Thargoid sphere of influence. Populated systems in the surrounding regions have been dominated by extremely hostile Thargoid vessels, causing enormous casualties and catastrophic damage. Many more inhabited systems are at risk of invasion.

Eleven rescue megaships have entered service at key locations to aid and process the millions of refugees fleeing these attacks. These ships also act as hubs for defence operations to support those systems struggling to resist the Thargoid fleets.

The Alliance, Empire and Federation have deployed capital ships equipped with anti-xeno weaponry to defend their respective territories. As yet there appears to be no technology or strategy capable of engaging the ominous power of the Maelstroms directly.

<p>Pilots’ Federation ALERT The continued project to provide enhanced AX weaponry for all ships has announced its latest progress update. Independent pilots have been tasked with establishing a manufacturing base at select locations in the core systems. Thanks to these focused efforts, the following weapons are now available for purchase: Enhanced AX Multi-cannon (Turreted) Enhanced AX Missile Rack (Turreted) Enhanced AX Multi-cannon (Fixed) These modules are offered at all rescue megaships, which can be found using the Galaxy Map filter. Ships looking to engage Thargoid forces are advised to equip these weapons, particularly in Maelstrom systems where Guardian-based technology has proven ineffective. Work continues on the other enhanced weapons, based on designs by the engineers Liz Ryder and Zacariah Nemo which improve the original Aegis models. A further update will be provided next Thursday, unless no additional modules have been established during the week.</p>

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Sandra Corrs, CEO of the largest manufacturer of children’s toys in the core systems, has requested help this holiday season.

Many parents will be familiar with Sandra’s Workshop, recognising the company logo stamped across countless datapads, interactive suites and tactile play sets designed for youngsters. But the joy of this year’s festive season is at risk, with the recent Thargoid invasion impacting the Workshop’s distribution chain.

In an interview with Vox Galactica, Corrs explained:

“We typically use a fleet of transports provided by our partner company, Dolph’s Routes, to deliver presents to good children all across the bubble. But those transports have been assigned to provide evacuation support to 63 Tauri. Entirely understandable, and I applaud the company for its brave work. But it does leave many presents without a sleigh, as my grandfather used to say!”

“I’m hoping that independent pilots will fill the vacancy left to deliver festive gifts to the children in time for the upcoming holidays. Arrangements will be made to provide a variety of wonderful rewards for those pilots who help keep youthful spirits high in these troubling times.”

Pilots willing to help Sandra’s Workshop can collect festive gifts from the Frost Dock outpost in the Njambalba system. A beacon outside Frost Dock will distribute delivery information when scanned.

Newsfeeds have published their reactions as the Thargoid Maelstroms launch fleets to overpower multiple inhabited systems.

Sol Today: “Be in no doubt: we are in a war for survival! Dark days are upon us. No more ridiculous ideas of peace with the aliens. No more time for politics or debate. The Thargoids have come to wipe us out unless we stand up and fight.”

Old Worlds Gazette: “This is the most severe Thargoid attack ever recorded. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered. Millions more fleeing their homes. Stations and planetary ports bombarded, entire star systems conquered… all in a few days. Many fear that nowhere will be safe if these savage onslaughts cannot be halted.”

Citizens' Chronicle: “The speed with which our navy responded to defend Imperial citizens against the Thargoids must be applauded. However, it is becoming harder to ignore the screams from less fortunate systems. Might their cries melt our Emperor’s heart enough for her to consider extending the Empire’s protective wings?”

The Empirical: “The hazardous nature of the Maelstroms has challenged all efforts at scientific examination. In terms of scale and composition they resemble small nebulae yet are surely artificial. Their highly corrosive clouds share chemical signatures with known Thargoid technology, but prevent all scans from identifying what generates them.”

The Sovereign: “The Kingfisher tragedy has been eclipsed by the current conflicts, but one detail we felt worthy of note was the discovery of Thargoid Sensors among the megaship’s wreckage. The leading theory is that one of the volunteer crewmembers smuggled these aboard, in the hope of attracting the Thargoids’ attention to the megaship’s peaceful communications. This misguided individual was likely unaware that Thargoid vessels can become hostile upon detecting their technology on human ships. One hopes that nothing more sinister was in play.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The rogue signal sources Cocijo and Oya have arrived at their estimated destinations.

Their impact mirrored that of the Taranis, Indra and Leigong Maelstroms. A total of 16 neighbouring systems were immediately overwhelmed by Thargoid fleets, which launched devastating bombardments against orbital starports and planetary infrastructure.

Other inhabited systems in the vicinity are resisting occupation. Superpower capital ships and independent pilots are currently battling to protect the local populations.

Five rogue signal sources have now manifested as Maelstroms, with three more approaching at faster-than-light speed. Many systems have completely fallen to the Thargoids in the vicinity of each Maelstrom. Safeguard Interstellar reported that millions of refugees are threatening to overwhelm emergency services and rescue teams. Military forces are also struggling to contain the enormous numbers of Thargoid vessels.

Professor Alba Tesreau is one of many xenologists and other specialists trying to learn more about the mysterious Maelstroms. She gave a brief update to Vox Galactica:

“Full-scale war with the Thargoids has always been my greatest fear. It is now a reality. It’s more crucial than ever that we obtain an understanding of this species, particularly these powerful new entities deployed against humanity.”

“Seo Jin-ae, who possesses a base comprehension of Thargoid intent via her neural implants, believes these are focused, systematic strikes rather than a frenzied assault. She feels that the Thargoids are working toward a specific goal, but cannot yet identify its nature.”

“The one advantage given to us by the arrival of further Maelstroms is the potential that Thargoid forces will be distributed more evenly across systems. With an expanded front line, defensive efforts may gain additional traction when defending or recapturing systems from the aliens.”

In related news, Azimuth Biotech’s new anti-xeno megaship has entered service in the T Tauri system. Eternal Vigilance was commissioned following an initiative in November, which was challenged by a counter-campaign aiming to prevent the corporation’s resurgence.

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