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*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Large quantities of construction shipments to support disaster recovery operations on Rhea 3 have been delivered to Ito Orbital.

The Federation is still treating and supporting survivors from the catastrophic earthquakes that destroyed many urban centres on the planet. A spokesperson from Federal Liberal Command, the Rhea system’s controlling faction, said:

“This has been a beacon of hope and support for a planet besieged by misfortune, and these supplies will be of enormous help. Thank you. We have now authorised the delivery of rewards at Ito Orbital for all pilots who took part in this initiative.”

President-elect Felicia Winters gave a statement to the press from a newly built medical facility outside the recovering capital city New Greenacre:

“I can find no words to describe the horror of what happened here. Nor can I fully express my gratitude to everyone who provided aid and assistance. To the people of the Federation: thank you for allowing me time to grieve. Planning has resumed for the inauguration, and I hope that my administration will officially begin soon.”

Political opinions regarding Felicia Winters delaying her term of office have been varied. Many Republican officials claimed that this showed weakness, as expressed by Congressman Thandeka Qwabe: “A president should put the Federation as a whole before their own personal situation.”

The Liberal Party supported the decision, with Congressman Bai Zheng insisting: “Nobody could be expected to perform their duties while mourning the deaths of so many family members. Let’s not chastise our new president for being more human than the last one.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Federation has requested shipments of supplies in the Rhea system to help rebuild critical infrastructure.

Intense seismic activity across Rhea 3’s largest continent demolished entire cities and townships late last year, causing widespread death and injury. Rescue operations have saved over a million people, but local infrastructure has been compromised and vital construction supplies are running low.

President-Elect Felicia Winters spoke publicly for the first time since leaving for Rhea 3 to announce a support initiative:

“I know that there are individuals out there who have tried to use my absence from office to undermine the will of the Federation’s people by calling for a re-election. Of course they have. To them I say simply this: to care for your home planet, for your people, is not a weakness.”

“But unfortunately, I have now reached the limit of what I can do to help through private channels, so I am humbly requesting the aid of our galaxy’s pilots. Please, provide crucial materials to support Rhea 3’s recovery.”

Federal Liberal Command, the controlling faction, has called for pilots to transport Power Generators, Aluminium, and Titanium to Ito Orbital in the Rhea system.

In related news, the formation of a new Federal government by the Liberal Party continues to be delayed with no confirmed inauguration in sight. Proposals for a re-election, or for President Hudson to remain in office for another term, have been rejected by Congress once again.

As Titan Indra in the HIP 20567 system was attacked, Vox Galactica reporter Jade Sanderlyn published her eye-witness account.

“Watching the Thargoid mothership’s last hours had my guts in knots. Caustic gas and debris spurted from its vents like blood from multiple wounds. Violent vibrations and bioluminescent pulses gave the impression of a creature shuddering its last. And our ship’s sensors picked up horrific creaks and groans, part collapsing starship and part dying animal.”

“The Titan appeared to begin building energy for its electromagnetic attack but it seemed to go out of control. I was half-blinded by a sudden flash that sent our ship spinning out into the black. It continued to explode with a series of increasingly intense releases of energy, and then the most intense blast I think I will ever bear witness to.”

“This dragon, which had once carried off our people and destroyed our homes with fire, had been slain.”

Vox Galactica has released an in-depth piece about the economic impact of the Thargoid war on the galaxy’s superpowers.

Senior Political Journalist Vanya Driscoll compiled the piece over several months after witnessing the increasing strain and instability in systems galaxy-wide. The report boasts interviews with high-ranking individuals across the galaxy, talking candidly about the impact of the war.

Excerpts from the piece follow.

Federation Vice President Jerome Archer said, when asked about strain in Federation space:

“The Federation has put a lot of resources into ending the war as quickly as possible, but that inevitably spreads what we have left thin. Because of that, we’ve seen more and more opportunistic attacks on systems in our space and we’ve nullified just as many threats through the PDB. Every citizen deserves protection, and any criminal that thinks exploiting a state of war is smart will pay dearly when things return to normal.”

By contrast, when asked about fragility from the war in Empire space, Senator Zemina Torval said:

“What fragility? The Empire persists as it always has, war or no, because we understand more than the Federation or Alliance how to govern. When a body is trying to burn out an infection, how does it do so? Does it keep blood flowing throughout the whole body and hope that everything will work out. No! It keeps the vital organs warm first. If the extremities feel cold, it is the small and temporary price to pay for an organism that survives. So, too, do we guarantee the Empire’s survival. There is an infection in the universe, but so long as the vital governance of the Empire is maintained then we are as strong as ever.”

On being questioned about the war’s impact on the Alliance, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon had this to say:

“It is impossible to separate the financial impact we’re seeing from the human impact. Any damage to an economy is damage to its citizens, and that should never be forgotten. The Alliance is strained as any other superpower is, but our democracy is our strength, and it is that mutual support that has led to our citizens facing fewer opportunistic attacks than the Federation’s, for example. And the less I say about the Empire’s ‘elite first’ economic strategy, the better. Humanity is stronger together. It is how the Alliance will stay strong, and it is how we as a species will win this war.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The engineer Ram Tah has perfected his modifications to immunise Guardian modules against the effects of anti-Guardian fields.

Discoveries related to the anti-Guardian field resistant nanite clusters led to the first iteration of these modifications. Ram Tah has since described the methodology as “immature and limited” though, referring to an inability to apply the modifications to all Guardian modules, and a reduction in effectiveness for the weapon modules that could be modified.

Aegis has now announced that Ram Tah has refined the technology significantly, and the new iteration of these modifications resolves both issues.

Weapons with these modifications applied no longer have their damage reduced while still being resistant to anti-Guardian field effects.

The methodology used is also much less limited and can be applied to all Guardian modules without penalty to their functionality.

Aegis stated that they expedited availability of the modifications to aid in the fight against Titan Indra. They can currently be made at Ram Tah’s workshop in the Meene system.

*Pilots’ Federation Alert*

Titan Indra is under siege. This is an urgent call to all independent pilots to aid in the complete defeat of the fifth Titan.

The key modules for the assault continue to be readily available at all Rescue Megaships:

• Thargoid Pulse Neutraliser – To break through the maelstrom defence wave.

• Caustic Sink Launchers – To protect your ship from caustic effects of the maelstrom.

• Guardian Nanite Torpedo Pylon – To hamper the Titan’s vents and make it vulnerable to damage.

Rewards have been requisitioned for all Commanders able to participate in ending the Titan threat.

Good luck, Commanders.

Aegis has continued to monitor the recently shifting Thargoid behaviour and have confirmed a clear pattern.

Expansion efforts have slowed in recent weeks, with experts theorising that this change in the Thargoids was a precursor to a change in overall strategy. Aegis researchers have now gathered enough evidence to confirm a tactical shift.

The Thargoids have adopted a more defensive stance, reinforcing their current position rather than expanding outward. They are also targeting and invading populated systems exclusively, sometimes without their normal scouting operations.

Dr. Jeong-Hui Shing of the Holloway Bioscience institute offered the following view:

“That lack of scouting is the most fascinating element of this change to me. A military man may claim it to be a desperate enemy lashing out at its opponent, but I see something deeper.”

“Foregoing expansion to prioritise the defence of their remaining Titans is intelligent, not desperate. These attacks seem just as calculated: they are gathering data. Probing our defences. Analysing where their remaining resources may be best used...”

As a tactical response, various organisations will be sending strike teams to designated counterstrike systems around the Titan with the least systems under Thargoid control. Where possible, these teams plan to reactivate a single port within each system to provide a forward operating base for anti-xeno operations.

Pilots are being encouraged to take up arms and participate in the defence of these forward ports.

The Alioth-based facility housing production of Achilles’ new Supercruise Overcharge capable Frame Shift Drives came under attack today.

The crime was perpetrated by a small group of individuals piloting a ship loaded with high-impact explosive weaponry, seemingly with the intention of sabotaging SCO drive production.

The group piloting the ship had posed as Achilles’ Aerospace engineers and had somehow gained high-level clearance to bring the vehicle deep into the facility. Achilles themselves are unsure how this could have been possible, stating to reporters that the malicious agents would have required “incredibly sophisticated technology” to forge the appropriate passes.

The group were able to bypass the facility’s first checkpoint before the automated security robots identified them as a potential threat. The malicious agents apparently opened fire on the facility, preventing the robots from attempting a peaceful resolution.

There were no survivors of the conflict, and none of the malicious agents were identifiable in any active database.

Achilles reports that they have increased security tenfold since the incident, and that this should be considered a testament to the quality of the security robots produced by their Robotics division.

Achilles also reassures consumers that the incident has had no impact on Supercruise Overcharge module manufacturing.

The pirates attacking De Caminha have been eliminated, and supplies have been provided to prevent further attacks.

Jerome Archer offered his thanks in an announcement this morning:

“Time and time again, I am impressed by the skill and compassion of the galaxy’s pilots. Security for Federation citizens is my number one priority, and it pains me that a station in our space could be the target of opportunistic low lives, but through your efforts this station is once again secure and ready if those pirates return. Rewards are now available to those who helped in the defence efforts.”

“But I am compelled to raise the question on everyone’s mind: will this situation be better when Felicia Winters finally assumes office? A President-elect who, I remind you, seems uninterested in the security of her citizens. Who wants to shut down resources like the PDB, which has saved many, many lives already.”

“Is she a president capable of maintaining peace, when aggressors are increasingly appearing from all sides?”

“Or is she a president who puts her ideals before the lives of her people?”

“I once again urge congress to reconsider allowing Zachary Hudson another term as President of the Federation in light of Winters’ ongoing, conspicuous, absence.”

A recent behavioural change in the Thargoids has prompted urgent discussion among Aegis researchers and strategists.

Since the fall of the fourth Titan, Hadad, there are increasing reports that the Thargoid expansion efforts have been growing weaker. While Thargoids are continuing to expand outwards from the Titans, they are no longer reinforcing their spire sites. Further, independent squadrons dedicated to defeating the Thargoid threat like SNPX, AXI, and MUDD, have noted increasing ease in thwarting attempts to probe and invade systems.

Dr. Ivano Colombera, Imperial Science Academy’s director of xenological studies and Empire liaison to Aegis, gave their view:

“I have heard the strategy reports touting words like ‘weakening Thargoid presence’, and I must urge caution. I hypothesise that this change signals a strategic defensive response, not an enemy on their last legs.”

“I believe that the Thargoids are consolidating and planning, with the likely aim of reinforcing the final four Titans to prevent further losses. They may seem ‘weak’ now, yes, but everything we know of Thargoid behaviour suggests that this change shepherds something else. We are backing them into a corner, but that is when any creature is at its most unpredictable. And at its most dangerous.”

Aegis has urged pilots across the galaxy to take this warning seriously and work to end the war before the Thargoids have time to retaliate. Humanity’s war effort is currently directed towards Titan Indra.

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