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Macrosphere Initiative

Technology company Macrosphere is developing a specialised scanning device to detect illicit interference with personal robots.

Macrosphere CEO Taniyah Sharpe provided the details:

“The recent Mars Tribune scandal proved that the illegal reprogramming of robots is a genuine concern. Our Mech Scanner will allow robot owners to discover if their trusted servants have been compromised.”

“A components drive is being organised by our partners, DS Leonis Industries. As well as shipments of micro controllers, auto fabricators and aluminium, we also require newly mined jewels, to channel the micro-lasers used by the Mech Scanner to detect interference. Deliveries should be made to Grandin Terminal in the DS Leonis system.”

The initiative begins on the 28th of February 3305 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Federal Intelligence Agency has uncovered evidence that Zlota Federal Holdings funded an illegal outpost from which a portable nuclear weapon was recently stolen. It is believed that one of the faction’s members also arranged the theft, which resulted in the massacre of personnel working at the outpost.

An independent journalist has claimed that Lady Talitha Ambrose is associated with the secretive gambling circle Joker’s Deck. It was proposed that the Ambrose Foundation’s bankruptcy may have followed a poor series of wagers from the missing heiress.

A supply campaign to increase security in the Merope system has concluded successfully. The Atlas Research Group had arranged for military supplies to be delivered, reassuring the local populace of their ongoing protection from the Thargoid threat.

In other news, the defence contractor Prax Incorporated has denied accusations that it has failed to comply with industry safety regulations. CEO Lucina Prax dismissed the claims, and stated that her company is working on a new weapons system following a record financial year.

Finally, a personal rivalry between two military leaders has erupted into open military conflict in the Drevlyada system. The individuals concerned, General Kendrick and Marshal Cooper, have each asked the galactic community to provide them with support.

And those are the main stories this week.

Heiress’s Gambling Connections Revealed

Lady Talitha Ambrose, the missing Ambrose Foundation heiress, has been alleged to have a history of gambling that may explain the sudden loss of her family’s entire fortune.

Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse commented on the Rewired news feed:

“Baroness Oksana has convinced everyone that her daughter was kidnapped and forced to surrender her vast inheritance. What the baroness failed to mention is that Lady Talitha’s name has long been associated with an exclusive gambling circle named Jokers’ Deck.”

“Some of the wealthiest individuals in the galaxy are believed to be associated with the group, including corporate CEOs, senior politicians, minor royals, pirate lords and cartel kingpins. Several famous names are rumoured to be in Jokers’ Deck, including at least one member of the Rochester family.”

“Is it possible that Lady Talitha wasn’t kidnapped but is instead hiding in shame, having gambled away the entire Ambrose Foundation?”

Funding for Stolen Nuclear Weapon Traced

The Federal Intelligence Agency has traced the funding of an illegal nuclear research outpost to the Zlota system.

Senior Agent Rochelle Karim provided the following details:

“Having successfully decrypted the outpost’s communications, we have determined that Zlota Federal Holdings was financing these unregistered research projects. Several of the organisation’s principal figures were covertly redirecting public funds to construct portable nuclear weapons.”

“We suspect that one of these individuals became greedy and arranged for the outpost to be raided, acquiring the prototype Lucifer Device to subsequently sell on the black market.”

“The FIA is currently questioning the Zlota Executive Council to learn more. It is crucial that we locate the Lucifer Device, which poses a serious threat to public safety.”

Merope Defence Initiative Concludes

A military supply campaign to increase security in the Merope system has concluded successfully.

Jacob Chowdhury, Defence Director of the Atlas Research Group, said:

“Our gratitude to all the pilots who delivered Reactive Armour and Military Grade Fabrics. These resources will prove vital in enhancing Merope’s defences against Thargoid attacks.”

The Atlas Research Group also helped protect traders from piracy by placing kill orders on all wanted ships in the system.

Contributors to the campaign can now collect their rewards from Reed's Rest in the Merope system.

Rivalry Triggers Conflict in Drevlyada

A long-standing enmity between two military leaders has escalated into hostilities in the Drevlyada system.

Details were provided by freelance warzone reporter Karleen Troy:

“The personal rivalry between General Kendrick of Namab Purple Brothers and Marshal Cooper of Drevlyada League has lasted for years. Each frequently accuses the other of incompetence and endangering the people of Drevlyada.”

“This grudge match has now spiralled into a state of open conflict. Both Kendrick and Cooper have asked the galactic community to provide support in crushing their opponent’s forces.”

The two factions have set out week-long campaigns to take control of the Drevlyada system, which will begin on the 21st of February 3305.

Defence Contractor Denies Safety Violations

The weapons manufacturer Prax Incorporated has dismissed accusations of poor safety measures in its development and testing programs. Concerns were originally raised by Adley King of The Federal Times, as part of an investigation into weapons testing within inhabited sectors.

CEO Lucina Prax gave this press statement:

“I can assure Ms King that my company takes every precaution when evaluating its products. We have never – and will never – ignore safety protocols.”

“Regarding these accusations, I am aware of the claims being made but have yet to see a single shred of evidence to support them. We act in full compliance with the most stringent industry regulations.”

“3304 was a record year for Prax Incorporated. The latest version of our proprietary threat-recognition firmware propelled our stock to new heights, and we are developing a new system that I believe will be considered revolutionary.”

Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Federal Intelligence Agency has revealed that a nuclear weapon was taken from an unregistered outpost discovered last week, where dozens of personnel were gunned down by unknown perpetrators. The portable warhead, codenamed the Lucifer Device, is believed to possess enough power to destroy an entire city.

The Ambrose Foundation has confirmed that Lady Talitha Ambrose is missing, and that the family’s entire fortune has been lost. Believing that Lady Talitha has been kidnapped as part of the theft, the family has employed the Wallglass Investigations Agency to locate the missing heiress.

A campaign held by the Holloway Bioscience Institute to build a xenological research centre has concluded successfully. The new planetary outpost will be used to study lifeforms identified by the galactic community.

In other news, a number of priceless artefacts, spanning centuries of artistic history, have been stolen from the Museum of Civilization on Mars. In each case, the works were replaced with the image of a winking cat.

Finally, the Atlas Research Group has called for shipments of military materials to increase security in the Merope system. The initiative started with pledges from Atlas that public safety in the face of continued Thargoid activity remains a priority.

And those are the main stories this week.

Nuclear Weapon Stolen

The Federal Intelligence Agency has discovered that a nuclear weapon has been taken from an unregistered outpost.

Senior Agent Rochelle Karim made the following statement:

“Further examination of the outpost discovered last week confirms that it was home to unlicensed nuclear research. Personnel at the site were constructing a portable fusion warhead codenamed the Lucifer Device.”

“One operational prototype was produced, but we have failed to locate it. Our assumption is that whoever invaded the base now possesses a movable bomb with a 300 megaton yield – enough to destroy an entire city.”

“This investigation is a top priority and we are exploring all available leads.”

Heiress Confirmed Missing

The Ambrose Foundation has confirmed that Lady Talitha Ambrose is missing, and that all of its assets have been lost.

Baroness Oksana Ambrose, head of the institution, told the media:

“Everything we own has been transferred from our accounts to who knows where. Emergency funds are being used to settle debts and pay staff, but essentially the Ambrose Foundation is ruined.”

“I can only assume that vicious criminals have kidnapped Lady Talitha and tortured her into surrendering her inheritance.”

“I have used the last of our reserves to hire the Wallglass Investigations Agency. I pray that they can locate and rescue my beloved daughter.”

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