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*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Further deliveries to Alcor and Colonia are required to add new facilities to the Colonia Bridge starports.

The Colonia Bridge project is currently halfway through its final phase, which takes place over a four-week period. In the previous week, pilots supplied large quantities of performance enhancers, personal weapons and survival equipment.

A press release from Brewer Corporation outlined the next stage:

“Thanks to the hard work of many independent pilots, we have established a Pioneer Supplies outlet, a crew lounge and a search and rescue contact at the five starports along the travel corridor between the core systems and the Colonia region.”

“For week three, our aim is to continue constructing the stations by installing a material trader, concourse bar and mission contract services. These will rely on shipments of computer components, liquor and water purifiers.”

“For pilots who deliver these to Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system and Jaques Station in the Colonia system, Brewer Corporation will be pleased to offer a White Engine Drive Colour and a White Carrier Drive Colour alongside payment in credits.”

Once this week’s initiative concludes, week four will aim to complete the Colonia Bridge starports with a full range of services.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The Empire has carried out reprisals against the rogue faction Darkwater Inc in the Summerland system.

The private military firm had trained NMLA terrorists and held Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval captive, on the orders of a cabal of senators named the Lords of Restoration.

Darkwater mustered an impressive armada, but these were no match for a combination of superpower forces and independent pilots. Colonel Ronan Brock, the mercenaries’ leader, was killed during the fighting when he fled from the Onyx Storm megaship and was shot down by Imperial auxiliaries.

Emperor Arissa praised all those who helped destroy Darkwater, and declared: “Let the Battle of Summerland mark the victorious end of our bitter war against both the NMLA and the traitors who sought to destabilise the Empire.”

ACT clarified that “Although there may always be Neo-Marlinist extremists, the large-scale threat of the NMLA has finally been nullified.” All data obtained from the terrorists’ Omega Grid network has now been shared with the relevant security agencies.

With Darkwater eliminated, the Empire has installed a new controlling faction into the Summerland system. The Praetorian Vigil will report directly to the Emperor and govern in her name.

The Summerland Patron’s Party will redeem combat bonds and provide other rewards at the starport Henry O’Hare’s Hangar. A permit exemption allowing all independent pilots to enter the Summerland system will remain active for the next two weeks.

President Zachary Hudson’s proposal to remove the eight-year limit on his term of office has led to public unrest on many Federal worlds.

Supporters of Shadow President Felicia Winters have taken the lead in protesting against the Hudson Contravention, which is currently being debated in Congress.

The situation has been extensively covered by newsfeeds across the Federation:

Federal Free Press: “As always, Felicia Winters is the only grown-up in the room. She has rightfully objected to the sitting president’s attempt at throwing away the rulebook. Repealing the 77th amendment would be a fundamental blow to our millennia-old democracy.”

Sol Today: “What’s the choice here? Retain Hudson for a few more years until things calm down, or hand power to Winters and watch the Federal government weaken and collapse under a weight the shadow president cannot possibly bear?”

The Federal Times: “Moderate Republican voters are taking a dim view of the Hudson Contravention, primarily because it denies them the option to choose a new administration. Vice President Jerome Archer, Secretary of State Lana Berkovich and Grand Attorney Edwin Espinosa are the most likely presidential candidates, but none of them will be able to run for office in 3309 if Hudson gets his way.”

ACT has released details about a plan by the Lords of Restoration to frame Hadrian Augustus Duval as the leader of the NMLA.

The information was extracted from the NMLA’s Omega Grid network and published by Captain Saskia Landau:

“It was Senator Ursula Torquatus who devised a scheme to undermine the Imperial Family and turn citizens against them by ‘exposing’ a Duval as the NMLA mastermind. Hadrian Duval was seen as the logical choice since many viewed him as an extremist through his prior association with Nova Imperium, though Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval officially pardoned him in 3306.”

“The Lords of Restoration used a virtual doppelganger of the Emperor, indistinguishable from authentic transmissions, to convince the Senate that she was communicating from a safe location. A similar doppelganger was developed to replicate Hadrian and was used to send orders to NMLA allies such as the Landgrave of Mudhrid.”

“This is how they planted evidence, discovered in April 3307, that Hadrian had converted to Neo-Marlinism and was determined to wipe out all other Duvals. Yet, despite triggering an unsuccessful Federal attack in the Paresa system, the accusation was not verified or widely believed.”

“Months later, the Lords of Restoration tried to kill Hadrian and Lady Astrid before their son Hector could be born, fearing the continuation of the Duval dynasty. But other senators moved the family to a secure location, beyond the reach of their agents.”

Hadrian Duval has publicly thanked ACT for uncovering this information and officially absolving him of all suspicion in this matter.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Commanders are resisting Thargoid incursions in the Dan, HIP 12314 and Nauni systems.

Although Aegis support vessels have been repurposed to offer support in all three systems, the organisation remains officially disbanded. It has fallen to individual pilots to defend the populations from swarms of Thargoid vessels.

The Alliance Defence Force, Federal Navy and Imperial Navy all intend to replace Aegis with their own anti-xeno taskforces, but these have yet to materialise. This was remarked upon by independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse:

“We’ve got the Alliance trying to sell its own people to Sirius Corporation, the Empire somehow misplacing its own Emperor, and the Federation being torn to pieces by its crazy president… who’s got time to worry about Thargoids? I’ll tell you who: the civilians in the systems they’re invading! Our so-called leaders are praying that Salvation will step in and save the day, but he could be an alien himself for all we know!”

Commodore Morag Halloran, who serves as Salvation’s military coordinator, was approached by Vox Galactica to comment on his strategy for combating the latest Thargoid activity:

“Salvation is currently focused on further development of the anti-xeno superweapon. At present this is the most efficient use of his time and resources, rather than small-scale engagement. Rest assured that, before long, we shall take the fight to the Thargoids once more.”

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Darkwater Inc in the Summerland system has been declared a hostile military target for its role in abducting Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

The private military firm, led by Colonel Ronan Brock, was secretly hired by the Lords of Restoration to train and equip the NMLA. Darkwater troops also kept the Emperor imprisoned in a concealed bunker for over a year.

Once their involvement was revealed by ACT, Darkwater’s forces regrouped around the megaship Pearl Mandate. Colonel Brock led an attempt to gain control of Summerland as a defensive measure but was unsuccessful. The mercenaries have now been branded as wanted criminals by the system authorities.

The order to strike against Darkwater came directly from Emperor Arissa:

“I call upon my loyal servants and all other warriors of honour to wipe out this nest of traitors. We remember the innocent victims of the NMLA by punishing those who enabled them.”

The Summerland Patron’s Party will redeem combat bonds for destroyed Darkwater ships at the starport Henry O’Hare’s Hangar. Although the Summerland system is typically permit locked, the Empire has arranged a total exemption for independent pilots for a three-week period.

To guarantee that Darkwater is thoroughly eliminated, the Empire is offering a range of incentives to pilots. These include awarding the rank of Master in the Imperial Navy Auxiliary, discounts on Imperial ships and weapons in the Summerland system, and Imperial Hammer railguns for the ten pilots who achieve the most combat bonds.

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Brewer Corporation has requested a new batch of deliveries to the Alcor and Colonia systems.

The Colonia Bridge is comprised of 56 stationary megaships and six starports, providing facilities to travellers between the core systems and the Colonia region. However, the starports are still in a state of construction.

The megacorp outlined its latest requirements in a press release:

“Phase four of the Colonia Bridge project launched with a highly satisfactory first week. Shipments of coffee, emergency power cells, geological equipment and liquid oxygen arrived in sufficient numbers to ensure Universal Cartographics and Vista Genomics services were added to all six starports.”

“The goal of the second week is to continue assembling the stations’ infrastructure, and install Pioneer Supplies, Crew Lounge and Search and Rescue services. To achieve this, performance enhancers, personal weapons and survival equipment are needed in large quantities.”

“Pilots are asked to provide these at Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system and Jaques Station in the Colonia system. As well as guaranteeing generous reimbursements to all contributors, Brewer Corporation is pleased to offer warm, white cockpit lights as an additional token of gratitude.”

The third and fourth weeks of the project’s final phase will focus on adding further services on the Colonia Bridge starports to accommodate all pilot professions.

Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval has attended a public ceremony following her year-long abduction by the Lords of Restoration.

Her proclamation from Trasken Square, standing before millions of Capitol’s citizens and flanked by legions of Imperial Guard, was broadcast across all channels:

“To those who protected the Empire during my enforced absence, I offer my deepest gratitude. My trusted chancellor, senators and security agencies are to be commended.”

“To those who dared to attack Imperial citizens, who dared to impersonate me and mislead my people…who took the lives of my family. Know this: there will be no place to hide from my wrath.”

“And to all citizens who may fear these uncertain times, I vow that your Emperor will lead you into the glorious future that is ours by right.”

Subsequent messages from the Imperial Palace praised ACT and its supporters for their work in freeing Arissa and destroying the NMLA. Princess Aisling Duval was also thanked for her dedication to finding out the truth, although some newsfeeds have noted that Aisling would hold a strong claim on a vacated throne.

President Zachary Hudson’s intention to remove the limit on his term in office has caused a deep rift among congressmen and voters alike.

Political correspondent Sofia Trevino analysed the situation in The Federal Times:

“Ever since the 77th amendment to the Federal Accord was ratified in 2594, no president has remained in office for longer than eight years. This is why the Hudson Contravention, as Congress officially refers to it, has turned up the heat on the simmering political division within the Federation.”

“Members of the Cabinet and other leading Republicans have argued passionately that only Zachary Hudson has the experience and fortitude to guide the Federation through this eventful period in history. His supporters point to successes such as curtailing the secession crisis, ending the NMLA threat and introducing greater security via the Proactive Detection Bureau.”

“However, others insist that repealing this amendment could pave the way from democracy to dictatorship. Two former presidents – Antonia Madison and Jasmina Halsey – have publicly condemned the Hudson Contravention as unconstitutional and dangerous.”

“There are expectations that Shadow President Felicia Winters will move for a vote of no confidence. Political analysts suspect that after several controversial leadership decisions from Hudson last year, he would be unlikely to win over a majority in Congress.”

The Affiliated Counter-Terrorism unit has unveiled a secret cabal of Imperial senators who masterminded the NMLA’s terrorist activity.

The information was obtained after ACT successfully penetrated the NMLA’s dark-comms network. Captain Saskia Landau provided this summary to the media:

“Senators Gereon, Jourdain, Nerva, Scordato and Torquatus were at the heart of a powerful conspiracy to permanently remove the position of Emperor. They called themselves the Lords of Restoration, based on their aim to restore executive power to the Senate.”

“The NMLA became their terroristic agents, weaponised to assassinate the Duvals and other obstacles. Its members were militarised at Darkwater training camps and provided with sophisticated equipment by corrupt Imperial Intelligence agents. But the Lords could never fully control the terrorist figurehead Theta Seven, whose attacks against non-Imperial starports were not part of their original plan.”

“Marlinism was also exploited as a political lever. The hope was that, compared to this democratic ideology, citizens would view a senator-led Empire as a moderate compromise once the Imperial Family was gone. While this led to the establishment of the Marlinist Colonies, the Lords’ later attempts to influence those systems via puppet politicians did not succeed.”

“Following the assassinations of Prince Harold and other Duvals, the Lords abducted Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval in January 3307. She was kidnapped en route to a secure location, with Senator Nerva falsifying confirmation of her safe arrival. This allowed the Lords to engineer communications with the Senate via a virtual doppelganger, which were accepted as genuine since they were verified by Imperial Intelligence agents.”

ACT is working closely with Imperial security agencies to identify all those who collaborated with the Lords of Restoration.

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