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Faith in President Falling

Recent popularity polls have scored the President at a shockingly low 26% approval rating, with 43% of those questioned stating that they strongly disapprove of the President’s current policy decisions.

Doubtless the latest developments in the war for Lugh are sure to be of huge concern for President Halsey. Not only has her mismanagement of the war caused the death of countless innocent Federal civilians, many of whom died as a direct result of orders given by the President, but it also now seems certain that Hartsfield Market will fall to the rebel forces.

The Federation’s failure to protect Hartsfield is being blamed on a lack of equipment, a shortage caused in no small part by the President’s failure to ensure the appropriate supply chains were set up prior to launching an attack on Lugh’s airspace.

If something isn’t done to rectify the President’s mistakes soon, the Crimson State Group will capture Hartsfield and with it control of Lugh’s satellite defence system.

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