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The Liberal Party has published a detailed political manifesto in advance of the Federation’s presidential election in June.

Shadow President Felicia Winters summarised her party’s plans during a campaign rally on Rhea 3:

“The freedoms and privileges of Federal citizens have been abused or ignored by the Hudson administration. Our vision for governance focuses on restoring the Federation’s core values, offering every individual the opportunities they deserve.”

“As your democratically elected president, I will take great pleasure in dismantling the Proactive Detection Bureau on day one. The mass-monitoring of private communications is a violation of civil rights that must end immediately.”

“For those concerned about security, especially the Thargoid threat, I assure you that there will be no reduction in military spending. In fact, our aim is to extend naval and humanitarian assistance to independent systems near our borders that face Thargoid aggression. By supporting systems around Federal space, we will establish a robust front line to repel Thargoid forces.”

The Federal Free Press praised the manifesto, remarking that it “displayed the balance of strength and compassion that has long been lacking from our leadership”. However, an editorial in Sol Today claimed: “Winters’s grip on political reality has been weakened by years of ineffectual hand-wringing.”

In related news, the Republican Party is currently holding a series of caucuses to select their presidential candidate. Grand Attorney Edwin Espinosa and Congressman Thandeka Qwabe have been eliminated from the running, leaving Vice President Jerome Archer and Secretary of State Lana Berkovich as the remaining nominees.

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