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Professor Alba Tesreau has again called for the anti-xeno initiative Aegis to be reformed by the superpowers.

“The arrival of the Maelstroms has escalated the Second Thargoid War beyond anything we have experienced before. The Thargoids are relentlessly attacking every human settlement within reach. And that reach is steadily expanding on eight fronts, spreading deeper into the core systems.”

“In these dire circumstances, the decision to shut down Aegis seems to be a grave mistake. Now, more than ever, superpower-level resources are needed to establish large-scale research and defence projects. This is the surely the time for Aegis to be revived with as much funding and resources as possible.”

“My symposium in October proved that there is an increasing appetite for collaboration. Many Allied and Federal military leaders have already discussed working together. Shadow President Winters recently suggested helping those beyond Federal borders, and Deputy Prime Minister Corcoran has championed the prospect of coalition in the Alliance.”

“Sadly, the Empire’s current isolationist policy means that Aegis would necessitate a return as a dual-superpower initiative. But even that would be an improvement on the fractured, uncoordinated response to the Thargoid conquests.”

There has been no official response to Professor Tesreau from the Alliance or Federation, but several individual congressmen and council members have repeated their support for the reformation of Aegis.

In the Empire, only the Citizens’ Chronicle newsfeed reported on Tesreau’s ongoing campaign, commenting: “Even among the Imperial nobility, few dare to question the Emperor’s decree. But those few are growing bolder.”

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