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*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Conflict has erupted in Popontia as the Federation seeks to apprehend True Chapters cultists of the Far God cult.

The Workers of Popontia Free, which is sympathetic to the sect’s right to practise its religion, was outfitting the Dedicant megaship for the chapter’s use. Federal ships have been deployed in the Popontia system with the intention of detaining all cultists and seizing the megaship.

Governor Nadia Machado, representing Popontia Incorporated, declared:

“By order of President Hudson, all Thargoid worshippers are under suspicion of espionage and abetting our alien enemies. The True Chapters group is ordered to surrender for lawful questioning.”

Popontia Incorporated has been tasked with overseeing this mission. Payment has been authorised for Federal auxiliaries and independent pilots willing to pledge their support in subduing True Chapters supporters.

From the Testament megaship, the First Apostle of the True Chapters delivered a broadcast across public channels:

“The Dedicant will be a new home for us to await the Far God’s arrival. We are prepared to die to defend this holy calling. Our recognised patrons in the Workers of Popontia Free will fight to protect us and reward those who aid our cause.”

These unprecedented hostilities were commented on by Dr Alfred Ulyanov, an academic authority on the Order of the Far God:

“This is the first time that members of this faith have not calmly accepted their own fate. According to my research, the First Apostle preaches that the Far God will transform her followers upon Its manifestation, allowing them to survive while the rest of humanity is extinguished. This has evidently motivated True Chapters adherents to abandon their wholly passive stance.”

Both campaigns are being orchestrated by contacts in the system’s primary starport, Ryman Market.

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