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There are widespread calls to bring criminal charges against Azimuth Biotech for its role in the massacre in the HIP 22460 system.

Rhiannon Grady, director of the civil rights organisation Advocacy, told the media:

“Azimuth Biotech planned the operation in HIP 22460, with the Proteus Wave’s failure leading directly to the slaughter of well over a hundred thousand naval personnel and combat pilots by Thargoids. Salvation’s death does not absolve his corporation of its culpability. We believe that charges of wilful endangerment and accessory to mass murder should be made, and those responsible be should be brought before a court of law.”

Other citizens’ groups have made similar claims, with some calling for the superpowers’ leaders to resign or stand trial for supporting Salvation. These demands were given legal weight by a recent ruling from the Federal Navy Criminal Court in the case of Aden Tanner, which acknowledged that preventing the construction of the Proteus Wave may have saved many lives.

Torben Rademaker, acting CEO of Azimuth Biotech, gave this statement in response:

“Media outlets and uninformed laymen often refer to the ‘failure’ of the Proteus Wave. The truth is that it worked precisely as intended, by shutting down all Thargoid vessels in HIP 22460. Unfortunately, Dr Wycherley did not anticipate that the aliens had developed a technology to recalibrate his superweapon to affect human ships.”

“I must make this clear: one man’s regrettable miscalculation does not reflect on Azimuth Biotech as a whole. Our organisation has pioneered xenological research for decades, and we have many dedicated experts in different fields. We must accept that weapons development comes with risks. But there is no such thing as failure in scientific endeavour.”

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