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An independent journalist has suggested that some survivors of the Battle of HIP 22460 heard a strange alien sound of unknown origin.

Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse published his theories via the Rewired network:

“Only a handful of crewmembers rescued from HIP 22460 managed to give garbled first-hand accounts before being placed under military quarantine. Naturally, most talked about how those damn bugs wiped out almost everyone. But a few mentioned something bizarre heard shortly after the Thargoid counter-attack.”

“These witnesses described it in various ways: ‘ghastly’, ‘overwhelming’, ‘monstrous’ to name a few. Jade Sanderlyn, Vox Galactica’s hotshot reporter, said it was ‘a noise which shook our bodies, screeching through our skulls’. Now, there are no audio recordings in the public domain to share, but there’s definitely a pattern if you study the reports closely.”

“Both ship and suit audio systems interpret all sorts of electromagnetic emissions from Thargoid vessels. This would have to be a far more powerful cry to cut through the chaos across multiple ships. Could it have been a roar of defiance, aimed at us? Or was it aimed somewhere else?”

“And before anyone accuses me of stirring up trouble like usual: no, I haven’t technically heard the alleged sound myself. Full disclosure. But someone has to speak up for those who insist it happened. I wasn’t in HIP 22460 and neither were most of you. Got it?”

“Here’s where it gets interesting, though. The Federal Navy responded to my request for details by stating all HIP 22460 data was classified. The Imperial Navy refused to acknowledge me at all. The Alliance Defence Force said it was ‘likely a symptom of collective trauma or hysteria’. So the obvious question is: what are they all hiding?”

“Congressional hopeful Dalton Chase, governor of Andavandul 1, is one of the few people in a position of stellar authority talking openly about HIP 22460. Chase recently argued that people have a right to know everything that happened. Other broadcasters like Heimar Borichev, Kit Fowler and Joy Senne are also not accepting the silence. We’ll continue demanding answers from those who are supposedly protecting us.”

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