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A pro-corporatist group planning a series of terror attacks has been shut down by the Federal Intelligence Agency.

An update on the operation was delivered by Deputy Director Bethany Blake, who runs the Proactive Detection Bureau:

“Special forces have now arrested the organisers of the underground organisation called Jupiter’s Wrath. This was a collection of citizens radicalised by Jupiter Rochester into believing that they could replace democratically elected leaders with corporate overlords.”

“This successful operation was only possible thanks to information provided by the PDB. Without this surveillance network, we would be entirely unaware of Jupiter’s Wrath and many leading politicians may have lost their lives.”

“Our analysts are now updating the PDB’s algorithms to highlight citizens who are at risk of radicalisation. We will prevent domestic terrorism by identifying those being corrupted by hostile ideologies.”

In response, Congressman Bai Zheng was quoted in The Federal Times:

“This is an unnerving development in the PDB’s evolution. It’s also what many of us in Congress feared. We are not targeting people who have committed a crime, but people whose personal opinions are unpalatable to the government.”

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