Galnet News

Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Children of Tothos are preparing to detonate the Lucifer Device as part of an apocalyptic ceremony that would destroy Archambault Terminal. Transmissions have been received indicating that ritual sacrifices have occurred at the starport, with civilians wishing to join the cult being forced to kill one of their crew upon docking to prove their devotion.

Rackham Capital Investments has experienced a second tragedy, as the head of personnel suffered a fatal accident. The position was quickly filled with a supporter of Taja Gavaris, the recently installed CFO is believed to be positioning herself to acquire the company from owner Zachary Rackham.

In other news, the occupant of a cryogenic pod retrieved from an outpost once used by Far God worshippers has been revived. Kiona O’Connor, a runaway taken in by the cult, was placed in suspended animation along with many other adherents. She has since been returned to her family home.

And those are the main stories this week.

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