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Community Goal: Superpower Expansion

In recent weeks, both the Empire and the Federation have accelerated their expansion plans in the Maia and Merope systems, deploying dozens of ships and establishing a number of outposts. The latest phase of these campaigns will see both superpowers constructing bases in the Pleiades region.

The Empire has authorised the Merope Expeditionary Fleet to coordinate its campaign, while the Pleiades Resource Enterprise has agreed to oversee the Federal appeal. Both organisations have placed open orders for construction materials, promising to reward pilots who deliver tantalum, building fabricators and thermal cooling units to their respective bases of operation – PRE Logistics Support Gamma for the Federal campaign and Moni's Hub for the Imperial initiative.

Both campaigns begin on the 25th of May and will run for one week. If either the Empire or the Federation meets its targets earlier than planned, its campaign will end immediately.

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