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Community Goal: Trouble in Maia

Earlier this month, the Pleiades Resource Enterprise entered Maia and rapidly started cementing its presence in the system. In response, the Ant Hill Mob – Maia's current controlling faction – has launched an offensive against Pleiades Resource Enterprise.

With the Federation having recently stationed a Farragut-class Battlecruiser at Maia A 3 a, there is speculation that the appearance of Pleiades Resource Enterprise represents an effort to bring Maia under Federal control.

A spokesperson for the Ant Hill Mob gave a brief statement:

"The Pleiades Resource Enterprise is clearly trying to pave the way for a full Federal takeover of the system. Well, if they want Maia, they're going to have to fight for it."

The Ant Hill Mob has appealed to the galaxy's Imperial pilots for help, promising to generously reward those who support their operation. The Pleiades Resource Enterprise has issued a similar request to Federal pilots.

Both organisations have set out week-long operations, which are scheduled to run from the 27th of October 3302.

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