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Explorers Needed for Alliance Colonisation Programme

Beyond the borders of occupied human space, the vast mysteries of the universe are waiting to be discovered. The last thousand years of human history have been shaped by our combined ability to travel through the stars in search of a better future.

Yet what has humanity done with this precious gift? The same thing we’ve always done. We wasted it.

Greed and war run rampant throughout the galaxy, and the concept of freedom has become nothing more than a buzzword spewed by people who have never known it.

The Alliance knows there’s a better way, but to prove it they need YOUR help.

For the next two weeks, the Alliance of Independent Systems will be collecting exploration data for an exciting new colonisation initiative due to launch later this year.

Commanders interested in working with the Alliance should deliver any information they’ve uncovered in relation to potential colony sites to Purple Power Interstellar aboard Ziemkiewicz Ring in Tsu.

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