Galnet News

Lakon Releases Alliance Crusader

Lakon Spaceways has announced that a new ship, the Alliance Crusader, will soon be available for purchase.

Meera Callanach, head of military projects at Lakon, gave some details to the media:

“The Alliance Crusader is mechanically similar to the Alliance Chieftain, with one key distinction. Our engineers have removed some internal hardware to accommodate a fighter bay. Inevitably, this means the Crusader is marginally slower and less manoeuvrable than its siblings, but this is compensated by its ability to ferry fighters into a conflict zone.”

“The Crusader’s offensive capabilities are enhanced with three internal military compartments. We are confident that the ship will be able to hold its own in any combat situation, especially against the Thargoids.”

The Alliance Crusader will go on general sale on Tuesday the 28th of August.

Computer Firms Promote New Designs

Rival technology companies Supratech and Herculean Machines have released press statements promoting new personal-computer designs.

Scorpio DeVorrow, CEO of Supratech, told the media about his company’s forthcoming product:

“The Torc employs cutting-edge holographic technology, surrounding you in a personalised world. Its holo-interfaces respond to subtle gestures and its flexible crystalline structure makes it as elegant as jewellery. By comparison, competitors’ devices are as rudimentary as pen and paper.”

Maddox Hurd, owner of Herculean Machines, also made a statement:

“Fancy holograms might look pretty, but what matters is being able to withstand whatever life throws at you. The Duradrive is designed for those who work hard and expect their tools to stand up to the challenge. However tough you think you are, the Duradrive is tougher.”

Both companies have confirmed that they will be at the Rackham Ultratech Expo on Wednesday the 3rd of October. The technology trade show, sponsored by Rackham Capital Investments, focuses on the personal-device market. Both companies aim to have fully functional prototypes ready for the expo.

Order Restored in Kamici

Kamici Incorporated has announced that its campaign to clear the Kamici system of felons has been a success. Hundreds of pilots responded to the appeal, taking to their ships to eliminate the criminals operating in the system.

Authorities in Kamici have extended their gratitude to those who participated in the operation.

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Gaiman Port in the Kamici system.

The Battle for Betel

Recent reports from the Betel system indicate that an ongoing feud between the Silver Creative Network and the Betel Free has escalated into violence.

General Hollis of Betel security issued the following statement:

“After a lengthy period of peace, these factions are now determined to wipe one another out. As much as we want to subdue this conflict ourselves, we simply do not have the ships to stage an effective intervention.”

With system security forces stretched thin, both organisations are seizing the opportunity to settle old grudges, and have issued calls for support. Pilots who participate in the conflict will be generously rewarded by their chosen faction.

The two factions have set out week-long operations to take control of the system, which will begin on the 23rd August 3304.

Colonia Hydroponics Initiative Concludes

The Colonia Council has announced that its campaign to build a new hydroponics facility has been warmly received by the galactic community. Large quantities of material were delivered to Templar Barracks over the past week, allowing the initiative to move to the construction phase.

The Council’s scientific adviser, Professor Diana VanCleef, gave the following statement:

“Not only will this new hydroponics facility provide biofoods and super-grains for the populace of Colonia, it will also contain a dedicated research laboratory for a science team to develop new biotech crops.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Templar Barracks in the Randgnid system.

Congressman’s Criminal Ties Exposed

An exclusive exposé published by The Mars Tribune has revealed that a member of Federal Congress has close ties to a criminal organisation.

The extensive feature began with this summary:

“Congressman Morgan Unwin has been in debt to the notorious Red Family cartel for nearly a decade. Information uncovered by our reporters proves that he has used his influence to traffic enormous quantities of the cartel’s drugs in order to keep his own addiction secret.”

Following publication of the feature, Mr Unwin was arrested by the Federal Security Service, and now faces expulsion from Congress. An investigation into Red Family’s narcotics operation in Olympus Village is also underway.

A spokesperson for Congress made this statement:

“We are indebted to The Mars Tribune for uncovering a criminal conspiracy that might otherwise have continued undetected. This highlights the value of investigative journalism to the Federation.”

The Tribune’s billionaire owner, Kingsley Cordova, has been invited to a special event by Congress to express its gratitude. As well as The Mars Tribune, his conglomerate Cordova Group runs many small companies in the Sol system.

Far God Cultists Vanishing

The Federal Intelligence Agency has revealed that members of the Far God cult are disappearing in large numbers.

Senior Agent Micah Whitefield told the media:

“On several occasions, our agents have entered hive-chapels only to discover them completely empty. Intelligence from independent systems describes how entire chapters of the sect have disappeared overnight.”

“We suspect that adherents are starting to abandon the cult and attempting to return to normal life. We urge everyone to report such individuals to the FIA so we can investigate potential connection to the Thargoids.”

Dr Jameelah Griffin of the Galactic Interfaith Commune commented:

“Although it would be an understandable reaction to the FIA’s relentless persecution, there are no reports of former Far God worshippers returning to their friends and families. These abrupt disappearances remain a mystery.”

Anti-cult campaigner Juanita Bishop also made a statement:

“It’s obvious to me that these spies are returning to their Thargoid masters, to inform them of what they’ve learned. Arresting them isn’t enough – we need a more permanent solution for these traitors.”

Aisling Duval Wedding Cancelled

Federal news channels have announced that the wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Ambassador Jordan Rochester has been cancelled.

The statement came from Congress member Isolde Rochester:

“The planned wedding between my son Jordan Rochester and Her Imperial Highness will no longer take place. We have contacted everyone involved with the event and closed down all related projects.”

The announcement follows anti-slavery campaigner Jarl Toredo’s confession that he and Aisling Duval were romantically involved for several months. Toredo also claimed that the planned marriage was purely a political matter.

The cancellation was confirmed by the Imperial Palace on Emerald, but there has been no direct response from Princess Duval or Ambassador Rochester.

Political journalist Cassia Carvalho of The Imperial Herald commented:

“The fact that this news comes from Isolde Rochester gives weight to Jarl Toredo’s claims. If the marriage was a political scheme, that may explain why the Rochester family matriarch is the one to call it off, no longer trusting Princess Duval to play her part. Or perhaps this is simply the reaction of a mother, enraged at her future daughter-in-law’s infidelity.”

“Had the marriage taken place, would it have initiated an era of Federal-Imperial cooperation, or triggered a new wave of conflict? It seems we will never know.”

Starport Status Update

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference.

The following starports are currently closed:

Chiang Port, Gero Kiaku

Suri Gateway, Vesuvit

Scott Station, HIP 93685

Salgari Enterprise, Mawa

Wakata Port, Wandjera

Bruce Enterprise, Kabiku

Kubasov Station, HIP 90112

McDonald Platform, Hamlet's Harmony

Thirsk Enterprise, Montet

The following starports continue to experience technical issues:

Weber Dock, Meene

Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:

Crown Plant, Mudrama Kaze

Crown Terminal, LHS 355

Evans Platform, HIP 18305

Fort Lawrence, Exioce

Fox Base, Parja

Fraknoi Holdings, Parja

Gaultier de Varennes' Folly, HIP 13269

Grimwood Ring, HIP 94863

Hague Port, Osci

Heng Dock, Samontundji

Herrington Gateway, 45 Tauri

Lave Station, Lave

Lichtenberg Dock, 3 Corvi

MacLeod Hub, Naunin

McAllaster Port, HR 6680

Miller Terminal, Exioce

Parmitano Terminal, Nu Tauri

Porges Horizons, G 250-34

PRE Research Base, HIP 17225

Ross Orbital, Ratemere

Seddon Gateway, Montet

Tanner Ring, Sokond

Wang Platform, Parja

Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

Campaigner Jarl Toredo has disclosed that he and Princess Aisling Duval have been conducting a secret romantic relationship, despite her betrothal to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester. Toredo claims that the princess accepted Rochester’s proposal only as a means to advance her political plans. Princess Duval has refuted Toredo’s statement.

Dr Alfred Ulyanov, a leading exotheologian and an authority on the Far God cult, has been apprehended as a suspected Thargoid sympathiser. The Federal Intelligence Agency said that Dr Ulyanov’s involvement with the Far God cult made him a valid person of interest.

Meanwhile, The Federal Times has highlighted two new personal computer designs currently in development – the Torc from Supratech, and the Duradrive from Herculean Machines. Both companies plan to reveal prototypes of their designs at a technology expo in October.

A mining robot that went out of control in the Beta Hydri system has been located and disabled. MacArthur Mining Ltd, which manufactures the robot, said that an inspection of the robot’s remains confirmed suspicions that it had been placed in the incorrect standby mode, verifying that the malfunction was the result of human error.

In other news, billionaire Zachary Rackham has been confirmed as the winner of a lottery prize of one billion credits. Rackham was quick to announce that he would donate his winnings to charity, although The Federal Times pointed out that the win coincided with a bill for unpaid taxes recently submitted to Rackham’s company.

Finally, a spokesperson for Aegis Research has announced that its rescue operation in the Pleiades has been enthusiastically assisted by the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the operation by delivering stranded survivors and commodities to Donar's Oak.

And those are the main stories this week.