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The generation ship Golconda has departed from the Upaniklis system with much of its former population on board.

Three years ago, the Golcondans abandoned their ship and resettled at the Forester’s Choice outpost in Upaniklis. Approximately 60% of these 70,000 people have now elected to resume their itinerant lifestyle aboard the vessel, which was recently upgraded with modern megaship technology by the Artificers Clan.

The Federation has made assurances that the Golconda is under its protection, and is equipped with comms systems to summon aid if needed. The Forester’s Choice outpost remains operational and will continue to export Apa Vietti, a unique alcoholic spirit.

Shortly before the Golconda made its first jump into hyperspace, Vox Galactica published a statement from Commander Javi Alvarado:

“The last few weeks have been a bittersweet experience for me, watching these people prepare to return to their old home. My plan was to keep making trade runs to the outpost, but when Captain Forester asked me to join them on their voyage, I agreed without hesitation. It’s hardwired into Golcondan culture to distrust outsiders, so I know what a rare honour this invitation is.”

“The Golconda can now leap rather than crawl between the stars, and the whole galaxy is its horizon. For the first time in my piloting career, I have no idea what my destination is. But at least I’ll be travelling in the company of born explorers.”

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