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Aegis Offers Security to Ram Tah

Aegis has stationed a security force in the Meene system to protect the engineer Ram Tah.

An announcement was made by Professor Alba Tesreau:

“Ram Tah’s research has been enormously beneficial to our understanding of the Thargoids, and resulted in developments that aid us in the conflict. We therefore have a vested interest in protecting his work.”

“We have deployed a security force that will provide continual support while allowing Ram Tah’s operation to remain completely independent. Hopefully this will prevent any further disruption.”

There has been no response from the Sirius Corporation, which recently arrested a cabal of junior officers from its private fleet for launching an incursion into Meene. Li Yong-Rui, the CEO of Sirius Corp, has allegedly withdrawn his offer to work with Ram Tah on Guardian-human technology.

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